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5 Wacky Cocktails That You Must Try Today

By Djridings @fivethingsnow

Cocktails are trendy, which is why you will find party lovers trying their hand in tossing up a wacky cocktail at their parties. Wacky cocktails are the ones that have a pizazz about them that no normal drink does. Usually the ingredients will be a combo that you just wouldn’t expect to look or taste good, but end up doing both.

Below are the top 5 cocktails that you must try today to experience a combination of crazy and fantastic. Not to forget they are a must try and a must have for all cocktail lovers who love their preferred poison in the right proportion. So make them today or try them out for a fun-filled night at your favorite bar.

1. Fig Daiquiri

This one is probably the easiest to drink of all of the cocktails on this list, but that doesn’t mean it’s not wacky! Pretty much anything with Bacardi Superior is going to taste good, but when you combine that with fig marmalade and fresh lime juice, you’re in for a wacky treat.

This drink is wonderful on a nice summer night and will make you feel like you are sitting beneath the moon in Italy.

2. Smoking Summer Punch

Not only is the Smoking Summer Punch a great and wacky cocktail, it’s also the best one on this list if you are throwing a party and want to give everyone a tasty, unique treat. This is also the only drink on the list that contains wine, and it works great in this cocktail. As we all know, no party is complete without a glass of your favorite wine and if you can blend the wine into a cocktail then nothing can get more edgy than that.

The mixture is Pinot Noir of any kind, orange vodka, Cointreau, grapefruit juice, and ginger bowl. Mix all of that together in a great big punch bowl and have yourself a party!

3. Hell Yeah

There’s a reason why this drink is called the hell yeah, and that’s because it is a wonderfully concocted mix of gin, raspberry juice, lime, and ginger beer. Top it up with crushed ice and garnish it with a sour cherry on top. Once you see the drink for the first time, you will see why people call it one of the most refreshing looking drinks around. Of course, the drink needs to taste good too and no brownie point for guessing that it most definitely does.

4. Strawberry & Sisho Daiquiri

I don’t care if you’re a daiquiri drinker or not, the Strawberry and Sisho Daiquiri will definitely leave you satisfied. It has to be one of the most beautiful daiquiris around, which is really saying something considering how many there are out there.

It is a unique mix of Licor 43 and Havana Club Anejo Blanco rum, with strawberries on top. This drink hits bull’s eye in terms of keeping you happy high. Seriously, this is a cocktail that you have to see and taste to believe.

5. Espresso Ice-Cream Martini

It’s rare that I say everyone will like a drink, but this one definitely fits into that category. Even people who don’t like coffee very much will like the Espresso Ice-Cream Martini because the Belvedere vodka and Kahlua blend with the coffee to make it a perfect ice cream drink treat. This drink served with coffee beans for garnishing makes it a feast for your eyes even before you can gulp it down.

All of these wacky cocktails can now be found across the country because of their growing popularity. Usually a list like this will contain drinks that some will like and some won’t, but I definitely recommend giving all of these a try both for their looks and the way that they taste. The best part about all these 5 concoctions are that they are easy to make so a must try for everyone out there who have a love for cocktails. It is time you show your bartender skills and surprise everyone at home tonight by throwing a party for them, not to forget the accolades that will come along.

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Ronald Alexander has been a journalist for almost 10 years writing articles on various topics like fashion, drinks and lifestyle to name a few, in magazines and websites. He loves frequenting sports bars to unwind on a weekend.

Image via Flickr by Kirti Poddar

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