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5 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Him

By Amazinglynormal @amazinglynorm
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Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and it always seems like shopping for men is a difficult task , but its nice to pamper our men and show them just as much love as we girls receive on this special day. So here are 5 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Him.

  1. Some men are simple to please, so find out exactly what he wants or needs, it could be as easy as a new controller, a video game to play, a DVD, a jersey or anything sports related, etc…(Don’t ask him just investigate yourself)
  2. If your low on funds be crafty, make your own home baked goodies like cookies or cupcakes decorating them for the occasion, also personalized CDs. Maybe plan a picnic trip or if its to cold take him out to the movies.
  3. Its always nice to receive personalized gifts that are engraved and custom made, it makes it feel like it was planned weeks in advance and it wasn’t a last minute scramble for a gift thing. Gifts For You Now has great ideas from custom picture frames, mugs, pillows etc, you can also receive a 15% discount using the code VDAYP15.
  4. If you want a more romantic feel, you could definitely book a weekend away, maybe somewhere he would love to go or try activities. Maybe try a helicopter ride, an air balloon ride (We have a lot of those here in Florida) or possibly purchase tickets to a concert he may want to go to.
  5. Lastly, dress up in nice lingerie for him to enjoy, no man would disagree with this idea.

Have a Happy Valentine’s Day!

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