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5 Useful Tips on How to Drive Small Cars with Automatic Transmission

By Djridings @fivethingsnow

For well-known reasons, the demand for small cars with automatic transmission has been on the increase in recent years. These cars are more preferable than cars with manual transmission as they are easier to operate and most people have also realized that they offer more comfort when driving for a long trip. It is also important to note that driving small cars with automatic transmission is a little different compared to manual transmission cars and most people don’t know that these cars need to be handled with extreme caution. For starters, before you operate any car, whether a manual or an automatic transmission one, you must have a valid driving license. Also, make an effort of understanding traffic laws in your locality to ensure that you are safe.

Driving steps

When driving a small car with automatic transmission start by unlocking the car and sit on the driver’s seat. As usually, adjust car mirrors accordingly so that you can clearly see cars behind you and know the blind spots of the car before powering it. Identify controls of the car starting with the brake pedal and accelerator, gear selection lever, steering wheel and light controls. Start the car after placing the right foot at the brake pedal, shift the gear lever to the ‘drive’ spot which is marked with D and the car will move forward. Release the parking brake and release brake pressure slowly and this will make the small cars with automatic transmission to start moving slowly. To accelerate the movement, withdraw your foot from the brake and exert controlled pressure on the gas pedal. After reaching your target destination, bring your small car to a complete stop through pressing the brake pedal and shifting the gear to the P position.

Useful tips

1. When driving small cars with automatic transmission, it is pretty important that you are as gentle as possible with the controls of your car. It is advisable that you don’t apply a lot of pressure at once either on the accelerator or the break.

2. Additionally, the steering should be handled as gently as possible. This will not only reward you with better fuel mileage, but the passengers will appreciate a smooth ride too.

3. Also, apart from automatic D gear setting, most small cars with automatic transmission also come with several gear selections which you can use to regulate the gear in case you find yourself in an adverse condition. This will give you better control over the car rather than just allowing the car to make automatic gear changes.

4. However, you should take extreme caution so as not to shift the gear to reverse when moving forward and vice versa.

5. Also, experts recommend that your left foot should always stay on the floor when driving small cars with automatic transmission and you should not use it interchangeably with the right foot. This way, the brakes are going to last much longer and this will enhance the effectiveness of brake lights in making you safe. This will give motorists behind you an indicator when you wish to stop and will prevent any accident.

Author bio: Bernard Berry is a car mechanic with 30 years of experience in the car maintenance. He is also a writer for different car affiliated websites such as the danish Volkswagen cars. Many of his articles are dedicated to the financial value of keeping an old car running and the benefits of buying a new car.


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