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5 Tricks That Will Stop Home-Intruders Dead In Their Tracks

By Djridings @fivethingsnow

Burglaries seem to be on the rise these days, which has caused many home owners to take steps to protect their property and loved ones. Luckily, there are many options available to home owners to stop thieves from invading their home.

Statistics show that one of the most effective ways to stop an intruder from entering the home is to purchase a monitored alarm system. Since the system is monitored, the police are immediately summoned whenever there are signs of an intrusion. In addition, it has been proven that a home is less likely to be broken into if an alarm sign is displayed on the property or if an alarm decal is placed on a window.

Security cameras are popular options used by home owners to help stop burglaries. Studies have shown that burglars stay clear of homes that have properly displayed security cameras. They can be installed on the outside or inside of the home and work by digitally recording all activity in and around the home, which is very effective.

Typically, burglars enter a home through patio and garage doors because many people to not secure or lock them. It is imperative that all doors and windows be kept locked at all times to keep intruders from entering the home. Also, it is a good idea for home owners to install an alarm on all doors and windows to keep their homes safe. It is important to note that all doors and windows should be locked whenever homeowners are in the home or away from the home. In addition, homeowners should install heavy-duty locks on patio and garage doors to stop theft.

According to Memphis Home Security specialists, LifeShield, installing automatic timers on lights inside the home is also a great way to deter theft. The timers should be placed in rooms that are commonly used such as the den, bedroom and living room. The lights should be set to go off and on as normal to give burglars the impression that someone is home. Statistically, thieves are less likely to enter homes that are occupied.

Dimly lit properties are prime targets for thieves because homes that are not well-lit make it easy for thieves to hide in the darkness. It is highly recommended that homeowners increase lighting on the outside of their home to keep their property safe.

5 Tricks That Will Stop Home-Intruders Dead In Their Tracks

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