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5 Tools You Need If You Are a Startup

Posted on the 19 July 2016 by Finoit Labs

Managing a startup on your own can be difficult, and since you are new in business you do not exactly have enough investors and budget to assemble a top-notch marketing team. But there are certain tools that can help you get started and place your business on the right track while at the same time provide you with enough space to kick-start your business in a short period of time.

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Email Marketing Tools

Email marketing is the oldest, but still one of the best ways of marketing for every startup. No matter what trends come and go in this world of digital marketing, email marketing will always be there and remain crucial in attaining success. Some of the email marketing tools that you should use are MailChimp which is an ESP tool with paid and free plans, and The Hemingway App, which can help you optimize your emails.

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Social Media Marketing Tools

Earlier it used to be social gatherings, in-person discussion which are replaced by vitual conversations and discussions, and considering the evolution that is happening, social media and channels will gain more dominance only in marketing and buying decisions. So, if you want to make your startup successful, you need to start promoting your brand on social media from the first day or probably even before you launch your startup. There are several social media platforms to use, but using all of them can really be time consuming and confusing. Luckily, there are several social media marketing tools that are there to speed up and streamline the process and empower your brand, e.g. Hootsuite, Buffer, IFTTT and Social Rank.

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Content Marketing Tools

Over fifty percent of B2B marketers have increased their budget for content marketing in the previous year, and content marketing tools are considered to be the backbone of every business that operates online, because they are helpful in creating, distributing and measuring the effectiveness of their contents. Tools like Google Analytics, Alexa, SEMRush and Moz will help you customize reports, provide you with data and global rankings, manage your SEO and measure different online metrics.

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SEO Tools

If your startup needs to gain quick visibility and attention online, search engines need to be your priority. Making sales, gaining leads and making an impact on your online visibility, SEO is something every startup needs to focus on. So, here are several SEO Tools that can help you maintain and track your online presence. Some of the tools you can consider using are Ahrefs, Schema Creator and MozBar.

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Employee Management and Project Tools

Many startups do not really care about employee management and project tools, because they have a small number of projects and a small team. But your startup will start to grow at one point, and you need to know how to handle big projects and larger employee and client base. Some tools you might find useful are Org chart software, Basecamp and Trello. They can all help you in managing projects, and making the collaboration with employees and clients easy.

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These are five of the most important tools your startup needs in your strategic plan implementation. Make sure to utilise one from each category to help your startup grow in every single aspect.

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5 Tools You Need If You Are a Startup

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