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5 Tips To Select Perfume

By Subha Bose
Perfume reflects personality, so it has to be chosen with care. Before you go on a hunt for your favorite perfume keep these tips in mind.
tips to choose perfume
5 Tips To Select Perfume1. Choose your type : Perfumes are classified in to 5 major types floral, fruity, citrus, woody and oriental. It is better to know which category you enjoy the most before buying your favorite one.
Floral is the largest and the most popular one. It gives the reminiscent of florist shop. Floral are sometimes single notes, but generally combined scents of various flower to create a classic feminine appeal. Common floral notes are jasmine, rose, gardenia and iris.
Fruity scents are fresh and invigorating. They include notes of berries and non citrus fruits. They are often sweet and tart, best choice for  hot season.
Woody fragrance consist of amber, sandalwood, cedarwood and patchouli. Sometime these scents tent to be strong and smell unisex or masculine.
Citrus and Green scents are light and energizing, commonly include citrus, grassy notes along with pine, juniper leaves and herbs. They are light and works well for women who doesn't like heavy perfume, best choice for outdoor.
Oriental scents are exotic, warm, heavy and spicy. They are great wear for nighttime. Typical notes found in these scents are vanilla, amber, cloves and musk.
5 Tips To Select Perfume
2. Hot or cold : You can go for fruity, floral or fresh  perfumes during hot season. Woody and oriental perfume for cold season.
5 Tips To Select Perfume
3. Apply on your skin : When you are testing a perfume, it should be applied to the skin directly to obtain the perfume's true reaction instead of smelling it from the bottle or smelling it from a piece of paper sprayed with the scent. The wrist would be a perfect spot to test it on. Allow the perfume to settle and interact with your body heat and natural scent before taking on a whiff.
5 Tips To Select Perfume
4. Limit testing : After testing 4-5 perfumes the sense of smell looses it sharpness, sniffing on coffee beans might help a little but it won't last much longer, so limit your testing.
5 Tips To Select Perfume
5. Wait for 10 minutes : The fragrance which hits you first is the top note which wears off with in few minutes, it is the middle and base notes which stays on you for quite a long time. If you like a perfume smell it again after 10-20 minutes and see if it speaks to you, if it does go for it.
I hope these tips will help you find your signature perfume.
I like fruity and fresh scents, What is your favorite type of perfume ?

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