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5 Tips For Keeping Your Floors Shiny For Longer

By Mountain Publishing @mountainpublish
5 Tips For Keeping Your Floors Shiny For Longer

Polished concrete floors feature a luxurious and stunning appeal. They also have a professional look which makes them a top choice for residential and commercial buildings. These floors are easy to clean and maintain and do not require regular sealing or waxing to maintain a glossy appearance.

With that said, it doesn't mean that they should be neglected; you must take good care of them to uphold that glossy finish. Concrete floors can quickly lose their appeal if you allow dust, dirt, and grime to build up. To maintain their great appearance for years, you should routinely polish them. Below are five proven tips to keep your floors shining.

1. Use the right cleaning products

Concrete floors are durable but are more vulnerable than other floors. The secret to retaining the shiny surface is cleaning them using the right cleaners. There are two main methods of cleaning these floors: automatic cleaning and manual cleaning. Irrespective of the cleaning type you prefer, precaution is needed to protect the surface. The right products to use on shining concrete floors are pH neutral cleaners such as Focus NC 111 or Enviro-Pro EP512 because they don't react with the concrete.

Manual Cleaning

The first step to cleaning the floor is removing dust or any other debris. You can accomplish this task using a dust mop with soft microfiber. Harsh materials can scratch off the surface. Any spills should be removed immediately to prevent penetration into the porous surface. In most cases, you will need cleaners. Water alone will most likely leave out some dirt which can accumulate with time.

Automatic Cleaning

This type of cleaning involves the use of automatic floor scrubbers. To avoid damaging the floor, ensure the equipment uses soft and non-abrasive pads. Standard cleaning pads may vary in terms of texture and color, but the most common ones are soft beige pads and white pads. Both pads are made of soft materials suitable for shiny concrete floors. Other options are usually not designed for smooth floor surface, so they are likely to cause etching on the polished floor. Besides this, you should ensure the wheels of the equipment are made of rubber or other soft material to limit the chances of scratching the floor.

When you apply the cleaner, let it sit on the floor for some few minutes before cleaning. This will allow the cleaner to lift the grime and kill existing bacteria. However, leaving it to dry on the surface of the floor might damage the chemical polish.

2. Establish a regular cleaning schedule

The amount of traffic your floor receives should influence how you design the maintenance schedule. For instance, if many people are stepping on the floor throughout the day, you may consider a daily cleaning schedule, either in the evening or early morning.

Regular cleaning is essential because small particles of sand and dust can accumulate fast, hence, damaging the finish. The floors may appear clean even if you haven't cleaned them for a week, but do not be deceived; they may be carrying a lot of dirt particles. These particles will create what is referred to as sandpaper effect, a condition which gradually destroys the finish causing concrete to lose the glossy appearance.

Needless to say, you should use clean water and a mop. If you are cleaning a large area, you should change water frequently to ensure dirt doesn't get back to the cleaned surface.

3. Refrain from using damaging material

There is always the temptation to make our concrete floors shinier, and as a result, you may end up applying wax on the floor. Apart from damaging the floor, applying wax is a bad idea for many reasons.

When you apply wax, you void the warranty. Obviously, this is a bad idea. Besides this, the wax will accumulate over time until it becomes necessary to remove it. This process will most likely leave behind a dull floor, thus, forcing you to re-apply wax again. Instead of waxing, the best way to improve the aesthetic and longevity of your floors is polishing.

Another precautionary measure you should observe is to avoid using tape on the concrete floor because the adhesive may leave scratches on the surface of the floor when removed. Likewise, you should avoid degreasers because they can discolor the finish.

As mentioned earlier, neutral pH cleaners are the best. Acidic-based cleaners like ammonia, vinegar, pine-based, or citrus cleaners will do more damage than good. These cleaners can remove the gloss in the finish, and when they penetrate into the pores of the concrete, they could cause etching.

In the first few days of concrete flooring, avoid using water to allow the sealers to properly cure. This strengthens the floor from the start.

4. Go beyond the regular schedule

Even with conscious cleaning and polishing, concrete floors wear with time, especially if the building receives a high volume of traffic. In such a situation, you can brighten up the floor by running diamond impregnated pads every 4 - 6 weeks. On top of this, you should also identify stained areas of the floor and restore the appearance through sealing, grinding, buffing, burnishing, and densifying. The best strategy is to attack spills instant because the more they stick to the floor, the more they become difficult to remove. The concrete absorbs stain particles, which discolors the affected surface.

5. Contractor advantage

Beyond simply respecting the standards of warranty, maintenance contractors have the option of providing chemicals and tools for maintenance to the building owners and occupiers. This should be an ongoing concession for the supplier of concrete floors. The contractors will do the research to determine the best chemical and maintenance pads that fit your needs.


Your concrete floors are a significant investment; you should, therefore, give them the best care to ensure they remain in top condition. Luckily, concrete floors are easy to take care of since they don't require sealing or waxing to maintain a glossy appeal.

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