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5 Things You Should Know Before Building a Custom Home

By Ty Watson

Building a home from scratch is a thrilling concept. You can design the house from the ground up in a way that fits your needs and wants. However, with all this freedom also come certain responsibilities. There are some factors you should consider before the construction starts, since neglecting them can lead to unexpected complications. Think about the following factors as you plan your home.

1. The Building Process

You should familiarize with the building procedure before you select builders. You can learn about each step and prepare accordingly. This practice also helps you keep expectations in check, especially since a work-in-progress might not look as impressive as the final result. As you investigate building companies, go through their custom home building process. Each option may be different, so choose the process that works best for you.

2. The Budget

The budget is also another crucial element to establish before the work starts. Think about how much money you can spend and how you plan on spreading it throughout the property. For instance, the kitchen might take less space than the garage, but all the extra appliances on the former might require more expenses. Spend more money on features that are harder to change such as soundproofing or insulation. Even if you get construction and permanent loans, set aside additional money for unexpected costs.

3. The Neighborhood

The house itself is only part of the experience. You should also feel comfortable with the larger community. Make the time to carefully decide where you want to live. Do you prefer being near a small town or a larger city? Any preferences on the school district? What amenities are a priority? Research these neighborhoods and their features before building your custom home. Also, look up important factors such as property taxes, zoning, building codes and market value. This task ensures the budget is reasonable and the property is compliant to local laws.

4. The Landscape

As you think about your new house's structure and interiors, it can be easy to neglect the surrounding landscape. However, this is the first element anyone will notice about your property. A well-planned and maintained landscape can complement your home, impress people and raise up the curb value. Plan what features you want to add to the area, such as a fence, a patio, a pool or a garden. Reserve some budget money for the yard. Work with professional landscapers to create an appealing design.

5. The Long-Term Plans

Perhaps the most important factor to know before building a house is your long-term vision for it. Do you plan on raising a family? Are you staying there temporarily? Ideally, custom homes are meant to be permanent, so weigh your future plans and this type of house. Also think about how amenities and features can affect longevity. You may enjoy a pool or a home theater, but a potential future buyer may not. Balance what presently appeals to you with what you will need later.

Building your own home gives you more control of the location, but also removes a significant amount of convenience. Make the necessary considerations before you make the next major step.

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