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5 Things You Can Enjoy in London on a Budget

By Djridings @fivethingsnow
5 things you can enjoy in London on a budget: With millions of visitors each year, the London metropoliton has quite a bit to offer that are a joy for the senses. However, London is know to be quite the expensive city, and a weekend getaway can easily cost a fortune. To bring you London that doesn’t necessarily cost you a fortune, I have drawn up a few of my favorites: 1. Start with buying an Oyster-card
Ok not a place to visit, but definately a good way to help you get there! Go to any (tube) station and top your card up with 5 pounds a day. The good thing about it, is that if you only take the bus (which by the way, is the best method to sightsee the city without spending a fortune on the touring busses), it will cost you a maximum of GBP 4,20 a day, no matter how many times you hop on or off. Taking the bus to any of your places-to-be is therefore a cheap and comfortable way. 2. The National Gallery
Most museums in London are free and therefore a good way to spend your time when the days get cold and rainy. One of the must-visits is the National Gallery on Trafalgar Square, which has an enormous collection of European paintings. Revive yourself by drinking a cup of coffee at the Espresso bar 3. Shopping in Notting Hill
Notting Hill is one of those typical character boroughs of London. With the annual Notting Hill carnaval and the variaty of market stalls on Portobello Road, this borough breathes atmosphere. It is here thatI found one of my favorite, unique and budget shops. Who´s Next offers female clothing and shoes. 4. Lunch at the All Bar One
This chain that can be found all over England, has a few locations in central London, of which my favorite is the one in Waterloo, just behind the London Eye. This lovely grand cafe has a buzzing atmosphere and offers affordable lunches. My favorite is their pork belly-water melon-salad. 5. Walking the Southbank
Whenever I am in London, it always feels like coming home, eventhough I have never lived ther. One of the reasons why London feels like home, is because whenever I am walking my favorite route along the Southbank, hands deep in my pocket and head held up high, it feels like I’ve never been away. Going up to St. Paul’s cathedral and then crossing the Millenium Bridge towards the Tate Modern museum gives you a view that overlooks most of London’s riverfront.  Turning the way west towards Westminster allows you to walk past a few cafes, museums, street performers, skateboparders and the London Eye. The walk is surprisingly calming amidst the crowds of locals and tourists alike. The feeling of that water breeze stroking your face while observing all the activities can’t be described. A good bonus, it is free.

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