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5 Things to Do When Its Snowing Outside

By Djridings @fivethingsnow

When it’s cold and snowing outside things getting around can be a little more difficult, make sure to grit your driveways to make it safe if you do have to drive anywhere. However, if you’re happy to stay at home, here are a few ideas from Corfe Stone of things you can do to keep busy.

  1. Take photos – really beautiful pictures can be taken when the snow has fallen and everything looks uniform and white, take advantage and take a few snaps of your garden
  2. Go and play outside – get wrapped up warm, grab the kids and head for the snow, try and make the biggest snowman you can or just have a snowball fight. It will remind you of your childhood!
  3. Do some baking – make some delicious cakes that you and your family can enjoy eating when they are warm and straight out the oven
  4. Spend the afternoon watching films – get comfy under your blanket with the fire going and relax whilst catching up on some of the films you’ve not had chance to see yet
  5. Be productive and use the time stuck in the house to do all those boring chores you keep putting off – Nah!

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