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5 Things To Do Today to Start a Revolution

By Djridings @fivethingsnow

If you clicked on this link, it’s probably fair to say you think something needs to change. I am here to tell you the great news: That something is YOU! Here’s what needs to happen and it’s pretty simple. Are you ready for it? Okay, here goes: You need to start taking care of yourself. As far as I can see, changing your life and changing the world go hand in hand. Here is how you can start a revolution

1. Buy Only What You Need.

Stop buying things you don’t need. Seriously. You are wasting your money and time and filling up your house (and the planet) with junk. Once you begin to focus on what it is that you actually need, your life will undoubtedly improve. You will have more money, more time and Mother Earth will also thank you for not being so wasteful. If you are shopping a lot, look at what is motivating you to do so. Are you relying on stuff and fashion to give you a false sense of confidence? Remember this: You are enough and you have enough.

2. Eat Healthfully

Quit the processed food. The food industry sells you (and your kids) junk and calls it food. It’s time to start eating whole foods which means shopping organic and at the local farmers market when you can and making effort to prepare your own meals. When you prepare meals yourself it’s easier to be healthful as you become conscious of what you are eating. Start eating a lot of greens and cut back on your meat eating. Meat in large quantities is not healthy for you and the way animals are treated by the meat and dairy industry is generally inhumane and outright despicable. Your dietary actions have a huge impact on your body and consequently the rest of the world too.

3. Choose to Walk instead of Drive

Walking is great exercise and a fantastic way for you to feel part of your community where as driving encourages you to be lazy and feel separate. Driving also supports the the oil industry which is destroying the environment and simultaneously making billions of dollars off of us. The more you choose to walk instead of drive, the less you are validating the oil industry’s destructive behavior. You get exercise, start participating in your community more, and the oil industry gets held accountable. Everyone wins!

4. Meditate

Take at least 5 minutes to consciously relax, reconnect with yourself and your breath. You are probably busy and have lots to do but you need to take at least 5 minutes to take the pressure off and enjoy doing nothing. If you are not used to meditating it will be awkward to sit quietly and still at first as your mind will likely be spinning through your to do list, but over time it will get easier and easier. Today, accept where you are and make space for yourself to take a load off and consciously relax.

5. Say this to yourself until you believe it: “I make a difference”

Being empowered means taking responsibility for ALL of our actions and not pointing the finger at anyone or anything else. In case you don’t believe it yet, everything you do or don’t do has an impact and makes a difference. How you spend your money and time is how you ultimately your vote for the kind of world you want to live in. Let it be a healthy vote because either way, it matters!

via. Buy Nothing New



What will you do to start a revolution?

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