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5 Things to Do Today to Start a New, Authentic, Self-directed, Brave, and Exciting Life

By Djridings @fivethingsnow
Everyday I check my e-mail and each day I am so grateful the excellent suggestions people have suggested. I appreciate the time people have taken to compose these whilst conducting their very busy lives. Here are some suggestions from
  1. Lock yourself into a room with no bed, phone or internet connection. Make yourself unreachable for a few hours.
  2. For five hours, do nothing but evaluate your life to date and think about what you truly would like to do with your one and only life. Allow yourself to dream big and without limiting yourself.
  3. Take a pencil and a paper. On the left side, draw a map of where you are now. On the right, draw your dream life. Then in between, draw a map of all the concrete things you would have to do to get to your new exciting and authentic life.
  4. Put your map on your bedroom wall where you will see it often. Stand back and suppress the excited giggle that will bubble up within you as you excitedly realize that you can do it! Store this feeling away as this excitement is the fuel you need to make your dream life come true.
  5. Call your friends and family and tell them that you’ve decided to take active and brave steps to live an authentic self-directed and brave life full of excitment and joy. You need to tell them so they can support you on your journey, and also to stop you from backing down when the going gets tough.
Here are some other links by the author….Last year, I did all of the above. I went from working a dull office job to living my new life as a nomad, my true dream life, moving every few months to new and exciting places. If you want to read more about my own personal experience, then read ‘New Year, New Life‘ for steps 1-2, ‘The Map‘ for steps 3-4 and ‘Rubicon Birthday‘ for step 5.Thanks as always for

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