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5 Things to Do Today to Make Your Home Lighter and Brighter

By Djridings @fivethingsnow

It’s not too far off summer now and it’s important to make the most of the sunlight throughout your home. Sunlight has been proven to boost your serotonin levels (happy hormones) and being in well-lit rooms makes you feel more energetic and active. Fortuny have come up with 5 ways to make your living space a little lighter and brighter, we hope you find them useful.

  1. Mirrors. Reflective surfaces really can open up a living space no matter how small. Have mirrors on the opposite wall to your windows to make the most of the light and make the room feel a little bigger.
  2. Dimmer Switches. These are perfect for any room and allow you to have the lights on low in the evening, or brighter when you are reading, or doing work for example.
  3. Door with glass panels. This can be a great idea for front doors in your home, hallways often don’t have much light anyway, so make your entrance feel brighter and more welcoming by letting the natural sunlight flood through glass panes instead.
  4. Floor to ceiling windows. If you are planning to add an extension on to your house, this can be a great idea to create a really nice summer room. Floor to ceiling windows are different to a conservatory because the roof is not made of glass, hence you get plenty of light but without the intense heat building up.
  5. Special bulbs. Compact Fluorescent Light bulbs are the most environmentally friendly and are very reliable. To create a bright room, white bulbs are best, just make sure you are buying the correct wattage for your fixture.

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