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5 Things to Do Today in Miami Beach

By Djridings @fivethingsnow

Miami Beach is popular as one of the most eminent beach resorts of America since ages. It is connected to mainland America through a series of bridges and is intrinsically linked to the arts and entertainment industry. Its popularity as one of the most famous international tourist destinations cause most tourists to arrange for their US Visas or the esta visa at a moment’s notice and rush to the city for a fun filled and exciting holiday. One can expect all sorts of sights and attractions in the city such as mind blowing shopping vistas, beautiful ballet performances, exquisite art museums, cultural events and majestic monuments. The Miami Beach is also extremely popular amongst the elite crowds and its trendy and upscale shopping plazas and luxurious spas ensure that one always has something to splurge on. The nightlife offered by the city is also extremely famous and each night witnesses tourists shelling out hundreds of drinks in the innumerable bars, discos and pubs that are present in the city.

One of the most popular sights in the city is the Ocean Drive. This boulevard is perhaps the most popular avenue in the entire continent and its glittering hotels, super-hot night clubs and distinct Art Deco buildings are a constant source of entertainment for the throngs of tourists who visit the place year after year.

The South Beach keeps people yammering for months after they have been to the place. Popularly known as one of the best vacation areas in all of America, the sightseeing options that are available to a traveler are limitless. One could spend their days shopping, visiting the Jungle Island or getting pampered in any one of its opulent spas. The area is a paradise for people who love great food, pristine sand and never ending nightlife.

The Lincoln Road Mall is another popular site in Miami Beach. Located on the Lincoln Road, which falls in between Washington Avenue and Alton Road, the Mall is one of the must do’s in each and every itinerary. Its main features are the innumerable wall to wall cafes, high end retail shops, designer boutiques, luxury brand outlets, nightclubs, cultural venues and beautiful art galleries.

The Mass Museum of Art boasts of top quality artworks which can take tourists on a tour of art history. The works which are featured here include exquisite paintings from top Renaissance artists as well as the gothic modern arts of the new age painters. Moreover, its wide range of collections ensures that every type of visitor has something to marvel at

Finally, the Haul over Beach Park has enough sights to completely repel or completely fascinate people. However, despite of the feeling that one may get at this clothing optional beach, the park manages to stay amongst the top places to visit in Miami Beach year after year due to its immense popularity. The various activities available at the beach include volleyball, nude sunbathing, charter fishing and kite flying. It also has a separate area for people who prefer to keep their clothes on and also prefer that those around them do not shed their clothes.


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