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5 Things to Do to Inspire Your Right Side Brain

By Djridings @fivethingsnow

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Some may think that being creative is just something that you are all of the time, as if you awake in the morning bursting with ideas, all things inspirational flowing forth in a bountiful stream. Creativity for many others and me is often forced. It’s in there amongst my “To Do Lists” and worries, but it doesn’t always want to come out.

So I find that I must coax my creative thoughts using different methods. I have a lot of methods and acquire new ones everyday. Here are 5 of my favorites:

1. Turn your ears into information sponges – Like most people, I take in my fair share of television. Most of the time, however, I’m sort of catatonic and not really watching – which turns out to be a great thing. I knit a lot and have a small child so I rarely have time to follow a sitcom. The television is often a vehicle for delivering Sesame Street or as background static. I pick up things that I might not have noticed if I had been watching with my eyes. This leads me to discovering wonderful new music in commercials that I would have otherwise disregarded or references to books and media that are mentioned that I hear rather than staring at some actor’s hairstyle or irrelevant motion on the screen. I store it in my memory and when I am at my computer later I look them all up on YouTube or Google…you’d be amazed out how many new things you discover that end up becoming the basis of your ideas and perspectives.

2. Elevate – It’s important to change your perspective at some point everyday. Whether it is a drive up to the top of a mountain or simply standing on top of your chair and looking down. In order to pull new ideas and thoughts from your mind, it’s useful to see how things physically look from up above – even at a short distance.

3. Eavesdrop – You have to be careful about this one…be stealthy because people will think you’re creepy if they know you’re doing it. Some of my best ideas have come from listening to conversations that I wasn’t supposed to hear…especially whispered ones. You can listen virtually anywhere and will be surprised what you hear. Eavesdropped conversations can easily become the basis for your next great idea or creation.

4. Brush your teeth then drink ice water – This sounds weird, but if you are in a funk – especially around 2:30 or 3 pm – go brush your teeth with a nice minty toothpaste. When you get back to your desk, drink a glass of ice – cold water. The cold water is important so if you can’t procure really cold water chewing a very minty gum will work just as well. The act of making your palette feel like a summer breeze does wonders to invigorate and inspire your right brain. There is also the added bonus of better dental hygiene.

5. Breathe – This is a common suggestion but a very important one. Some of my worst days have occurred because I haven’t been breathing. Of course we all have to breathe a minimal amount to stay alive and circulating, but how many times in the day do you take a moment to breath in your nose and out your mouth (and not because you’re stressed)? Oxygen is like high octane super unleaded for your brain. Essential in forming your best ideas as well as staying sane.

As always if you have any 5 suggestions that you would like to contribute then please e-mail [email protected]

Thanks for reading.

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