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5 Things to Do in London on a Perfect Luxury Date

By Djridings @fivethingsnow

London, United Kingdom, is a city full of glorious internationals and other well to do people. London has an assortment of fine dining and cuisine. Perhaps, you are taking out the woman of your dreams this fine night. You are deciding what to do for the evening. Here are some popular destinations, events and activities for you to formulate the perfect date.

Claridge’s Afternoon Tea offers a selection of fine luncheons and lunches, a classy alternative to standard fair. Lunch is a special time of the day, taking up the middle period. Frankly, lunch can be one of the most enjoyable ways to start a date. Start at the middle of the day, taste fine tea and share a special moment with your loved one. Also, energy is going to be one of your primary concerns after this list of destinations and events.

Take your date upon the London Eye, which is a pod that elevates people to a breath taking view of the city. You might find that your date is squeamish and afraid of heights. What better way to sneak that first embrace together? If you want the pod just to yourself and your significant other, you will be in the ball park of paying around £400. You should take a few photos, the view is fantastic.

After you have taken your dates breath away, you might be fancying a meal to satiate your growling stomach. Gordon Ramsay Chelsea Restaurant, there is no better place to go, especially with a date. This five star restaurant caters to the more gourmet side of the palate. Looking for something worth eating? Go for a stroll, dine at this restaurant and savour the taste.

By the time you realize it, the day has slipped before your eyes. It is almost as if it is time to sit down, or lie down, for a few moments of pampering. Fancy yourself an early British lord or nobleman? Try out a tour on one of London’s famous horse and carriage tours. Have them take you to your last event of the evening: Fortune Theatre Boxoffice

Your luxury dating is almost over. Date hooked to your arm, you stroll on up to the box office. Theatre in London is legendary by all accounts. Besides, you are going to be ready to enjoy the finer things in life. Sitting in a comfortable seat, you and your date watch the theater performance for the finale.

Take a few moments to gather yourself; you have just conquered a few events that people could only have wished to do and with your charming lover. In essence, you have performed the perfect date. You should probably take a visit to your apartment or hotel for your last destination.

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