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5 Things Makeup Users Hate Hearing About Their Makeup Products

By Meghashop @kumarisapna11

Some people wear makeup, while some do not. Some are interested in it, while some care not even an inch. Some are used to it, while some are uncomfortable with it. Makeup users have always been attacked with statements that judge their way of putting makeup and that jump into harsh conclusions about their reason for wearing Makeup. While those things are annoying for makeup users, another thing that could stress them out is what they hear about the makeup products they use. These could be the words they hear from other people, or those they hear from themselves after finding out something about their makeup products.
 5 Things Makeup Users Hate Hearing About Their Makeup Products
If you are a makeup user, you will surely relate to this list of 5 things that a person like you hates hearing about your owned makeup products!


You let your younger sister get your beloved glittery eyeshadow set inside your makeup kit. You’re always excited when you’re about to use it because you’ve used it two to three times only since you consider it too precious to just use whenever. Unfortunately, when your sister came to you with it, she sadly says, “Oh no! This one’s already expired.” Hearing that would be heartbreaking because you’ve kept it safe and minimally used the whole time, hardly used it, only to find out it has passed its expiration date.Especially if you bought that makeup for an expensive price, you will really be disappointed. If you weren’t really aware of its limited time of useability, there’s no one to blame. IT HAS PASSED ITS EXPIRATION DATE.
Makeup users really hate such instances also if that product is exclusively sold for a particular season only. That means you, in a way, wasted a rarely available makeup product just because of lack of information about your makeup. That’s why it is helpful to read the label, check out the box and the cover of the product before using it. In that way, you’ll put them to good and better use.


How upsetting it definitely is if the electric hair curlers you bought a month ago suddenly works no more! It’s totally not working at all just without a reason you know.
Your product might be made of poor quality or is really not created for long term use; that could be a reason why it stops functioning. Being clueless makes you even more pissed off about the situation. Makeup Products

3 - “IT’S BROKEN.”

Slightly related to the previous point, this one, nothing also wants. When your lipstick breaks in half, your brushes’ bristles fall off, your eyeshadow palette cracks, the possibility that you’ll be happy and fine about them does not exist.
They might still be a bit useful, but that’s just “a bit”. When you apply makeup, you should utilize those products which are in good condition, so that you can ensure that they are effective and are healthy and safe to use. Makeup Products
Moreover, you may still use them, but you might find them inconvenient since they’re no longer in their original state. Putting them to use requires you to be strategic on how to make them work just like they’re supposed to. For sure, it’s better for you to buy a new one than to keep on using that while you’re having a hard and unproductive time.

4 - “IT’S LOST.”

Losing a makeup tool or product can most likely happen if you’re lending them to other people and letting them take it to their homes for a day or more. It’s not your fault because you just trusted them with your thing. It’s their fault for being irresponsible about it when it’s not even theirs. Nevertheless, you hate it. No one likes such situations.5 Things Makeup Users Hate Hearing About Their Makeup Products
Especially if that product is your favorite, a bit pricey or newly bought, your face can definitely turn red because of annoyance as you hear the words, “It’s lost.”
That person who borrowed it may just replace it, but if the original product has no stocks anywhere anymore, you might be given a product you do not like. It’s just saddening and even maddening when your material, that’s indispensable and unlike any other, is lost. You may find something else to fill its place, but it will never be the same again.

5 - “IT’S DONE.”

Even though you are fully aware that you are making use of your facial cream on a daily basis, you may still feel a bit surprised when your hand can almost reach the bottom of the container.
Their Makeup Products

You hate it when it’s done because you have to buy another one of it. You hate it probably because it’s expensive, because it’s imported, or because it was only put on sale for a limited time.

You don’t like hearing or saying your makeup product is almost finished to the bottom of its bottle. You don’t really like it when your eye shadow palette is close to getting emptied. Nonetheless, there’s nothing much that you can do, but to accept and purchase another one.



Your makeup products are dear to you, so when some mishaps or expected ends happen to them, you don’t like it. You hate it. Better if you’d care more for them, if you’d have more knowledge in using them, if you’d be extra careful when letting others use them and if you’d buy the best quality of products in the first place. AUTHOR BIONicole Ann Pore does research and combines what she gets with her own thoughts regarding people’s use of makeup and the artistry itself. Along with those, she writes about good hygiene and the skin’s health as affected by the products people expose it to. Nicole is a daytime writer for Napoleon Perdis Makeup Academy, Australia’s leading beauty brand that offers a wide selection of prestige cosmetics suitable for everyone. | Nicole graduated Cum Laude from De La Salle University Manila, Philippines with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Arts.

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