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5 Things I’m Looking Forward to This Summer

By Natalie Tamara @thetofudiaries

It feels like such a long time since I last shared anything travel-related. In a bid to avoid spending all of my time at home sat in front of a computer during the winter (so easily done), I have instead been spending a lot of time in my kitchen, hence all the recipes I’ve had to share!

To get back into the swing of things, I thought it would be nice to look forward to the warmer months by sharing some of the things I’m excited about for spring and summer and hopefully provide some inspiration too:

Travel Quote

1. Costa Rica

This one had to be at the top of the list (not that there is really any order going on) as my flights are already booked for a few months time. Costa Rica has been on my mind for years and it has finally made it to the top of my travel list. The reasons to visit are endless but the wildlife is a big one for me; I’m already busy planning as many sloth-spotting opportunities as possible. Trust me, you’ll want to go after looking at these photos too.

Have you been to Costa Rica? Let me know your recommendations!

2. Just V Show

Taking place in London this 3-5 July, the Just V Show describes itself as ‘the one-stop-shop for vegetarian and vegan living.’ That means you can expect three days filled with delicious food, drink, and just about everything else you can think of to support a cruelty-free life. There will be recipe exchanges, cooking demonstrations and expert talks from a host of different speakers.

Fancy heading there too? Follow this link for free Just V Show tickets that have been generously made available for all readers of The Tofu Diaries!

3. Yorkshire Vegan Festival

A little closer to home, on June 13th Yorkshire Vegan Festival takes place right on my doorstep in Leeds. Similar to Just V Show, the day will be full of food, entertainment and even an outdoor barbecue to take advantage of the (doubtfully) warm June weather. As someone who finds omni barbecues a bit on the stressful side, a fully vegan one sounds like a dream. Tickets are just £2 and all proceeds go directly to animal welfare charities.

In Leeds that day? I’ll see you there!

4. UKIPT Pop-up Restaurant

It seems only right that three out of five would be about food, right? I’ve heard about so many cool pop-up restaurants lately and this particular one really piqued my interest. Remember the pop-up where you paid for your food by Instagramming it? Well, the idea behind the UKIPT pop-up restaurant is that you play poker alongside your dinner and depending on your luck, you either win or get varying discounts on your food. This wouldn’t usually be my sort of thing but since no money actually changes hands to play (I’m not one for betting) and given that my boyfriend Pete used to be a professional poker player, I would definitely fancy our chances of a free dinner when this pop-up comes back again in the summer.

Would you put your luck to the test and have a go?

Latitude Festival

5. Music Festivals

Admittedly this is one area where I haven’t actually decided if I’m going to one this year (my limited holiday allowance and limited funds may hold me back here) but I do love them and hope I can. My top choices would be Latitude, Kendal Calling, or Bingley Festival.

Keep up with music festival recommendations and reviews over on my fellow gig buddy’s blog, The Student Playlist.

What are you looking forward to this summer?

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