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5 Surprising Clothing Storage Solutions

By Dwell @dwell
Sure, clothes can go in a standard-issue dresser or closet, but where's the fun in that? Here, five unconventional and surprising approaches to clothing storage, from pegs on the walls to cubbies in the floor. Slideshow Photo

When Im and David Schafer moved in together they faced the challenge of combining the contents of David’s 880-square-foot loft and Im’s 550-square-foot apartment into a one-room, 426-square-foot downtown San Diego loft. To cope, they created what they call the Wall of Storage. Local sailboat shops wanted thousands to make the 13-by-13-foot curtain that hides the storage wall. "We called my parents in Bangkok, gave them the dimensions, and they got it made for 150 bucks." says Im. Photo by Misha Gravenor.

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By Jessica Blake
posted on 03 December at 14:51
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That's so clever and creative! And it can be made easily at home!