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5 Smartphone Apps to Aid Your Productivity

Posted on the 16 May 2013 by Trendmarketers @trendmarketers
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5 Productivity Apps for your Smartphone

Productivity Apps for your Smartphone

Need help organizing your day? Cue is designed to help you do just that. The app seamlessly links all your accounts like Gmail, Calendar, Dropbox, Facebook, Twitter, and other networks together to help you get a realistic view of what your day will look like so you can easily manage events and get the best out of each day. In a nut shell, Cue is a centralized place that makes it easy to know what to do next.

Price: Free

CoBook is a non-destructive address book that helps its users find contacts faster and organize them with tags. With its integrated social profiles feature, CoBook will automatically keep your contacts up-to-date. It is non-destructive such that whatever you do in the app does not have a negative effect on your saved data on your iPhone address book. It is good productivity app, easy to use and updates contacts with current pictures, emails and phone numbers. Besides that you can stay on top of your contacts by also viewing their latest Facebook updates and tweets.

Price: Free

One thing that is time consuming and sometimes annoying is picking and managing your passwords. With 1Password, you never have to worry about remembering all those gibberish you picked as a password as it saves every password you choose and make them available when needed. The price can somewhat be discouraging for some people but if you come to think of it, the time and hassle it saves is definitely worth every penny. 1Password remembers all your usernames and passwords and will automatically fill forms for you so you no longer have to type. Everything is done securely so you need not worry about the security of your accounts.

Price: $17.99

Are you one of the many who think visually? If so, Inkflow might be perfect for you. It is an iPhone app that allows you to actually draw out ideas, color code them and save them for when you’re ready to bring them to life. You also have the option to export your drawn thoughts/ creations to PDF and JPEG formats.

Price: Free

Productivity is best increased if you plan each day and know what you should be doing at any given time. One of the most effective ways to plan your day is to use a calendar in the form of the Sunrise iPhone app. The app is easy to use, looks awesome, and integrates locations with Google Maps.

Price: Free

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