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5 Secret Tips for Increasing Your Smartphone Battery Life

Posted on the 26 April 2016 by Technogala @TechnoGala

Smart phones have become a necessity and with the steep rise in specs every year it is necessary to maintain the battery life as there is still no phone that can be considered as the best in battery performance. Find below 7 tips with which you can use your Smartphone a little longer.

1. Dim the screen

Reducing the brightness is the first and foremost as this will save a lot of battery. On a related note, also set your screen to turn off after a seconds of inactivity.

2. Use power saving mode

Most phones are now coming with power saving mode with which the phone shifts to a mode in which only the main features of the phone function letting it work for a relatively long period.

3. Disable wireless features

Disable all the wireless features or the ones you don’t need when you need to use your phone for a longer period. Wireless features include GPS, Bluetooth, NFC and Wi-Fi. Also turn off all radios, including cellular connectivity, by selecting the “Airplane mode”.

4. Always lock your phone

Always remember to lock your phone screen once you finish using it. This may serve the privacy options also.

5. Close apps

Make sure you close the app once you have used them. In case you force close them but hitting the home button or some other force methods they will still run in the background and consume some battery. So avoid it by closing them regularly.

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