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5 Reasons Why You Should ALWAYS Tip Your Server

Posted on the 18 February 2015 by Candornews @CandorNews

Image from  http://www.dailymail.co.uk

Image from http://www.dailymail.co.uk

I’ve worked in the food industry since I was about 16 years old. Besides actually cooking the food, I’ve pretty much done it all. I know that as a customer when you want to go out to eat, you probably aren’t thinking about anything except shoveling food into your mouth. I get that. But what some of you fail to recognize is that there are probably 10 different things that have to take place before your food is set down in front of you. It seems simple, but a lot goes into making sure you get the best possible experience as a customer. So here are some quick reasons you should ALWAYS tip your server:

  1. It’s not an easy job.

I can’t tell you how many times I have run to the back of my restaurant to cry or scream because of frustration. It can sometimes feel like you have a million and one things to do and only 1 minute to complete them all. I think I can speak for most servers when I say that your shift has not officially started until you’ve broken a sweat. At any given time you can have more than 10 tables which adds up to about 30-40 people, and you are completely responsible for those people’s experience at your restaurant, if ANYTHING goes wrong, it’s on you. That’s a lot of pressure.

  1. Serving shifts last FOREVER.

Depending on the day and the weather, a normal serving shift can be over 6 hours. That is 6 hours of standing, 6 hours of sweating, 6 hours of being yelled at by your boss AND by your tables. It’s enough to make anyone go insane.

  1. Servers don’t JUST serve.

As a server, at most places, each night you receive a section, and whatever happens in that section is your responsibility, no matter what. So if someone throws up, chances are that you’ll have a hand in cleaning it. If someone spills their entire Coke, chances are it’s probably you mopping it up. We really are the jacks of all trades. We run food, we buss, we host if need be, and sometimes we even prepare your food (in dire situations).

  1. Serving is often a thankless job.

I know real live human beings who seem to think that servers aren’t really people, I have seen customers treat servers so poorly it makes my heart break for them, and unfortunately, I’ve been in that position myself. To be seen at any point, regardless of circumstance, as less than human is a terrible feeling, one that I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy.


Unless you’re the World’s Greatest Server, we do NOT receive an hourly wage. At my job at least, we got paid 2.13 an hour, which is just enough to cover taxes. You literally make your tips, and most times if you don’t tip your server, they end up PAYING to serve you. Literally. Servers still have to tip out to bussers and bartenders so if you don’t leave a tip, we still have to pay those people and that money comes out of our pockets.

Just remember that servers are people too. We don’t work at restaurants for the hell of it. Most of us have families and real bills to pay and lifestyles to support. Treat us how you would want to be treated, and please, PLEASE always remember to leave a tip.

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