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5 Reasons Why Every Musician Should Visit NYC at Least Once in Their Lifetime

By Attireclub @attireclub

As a musician, can you honestly say that touring all the musical landmarks in New York City has not piqued your interest for as long as you can remember? Perhaps it's because of all those amazingly fantastic shows you've seen off-Broadway over the years, and perhaps it's because of all the eclectic musicians who were drawn to East Village, each with a totally unique style. However, even that isn't all that draws you to the Big Apple and this is why every musician should visit NYC at least once in a lifetime - and, if you can get there during New York Fashion Week it's even better.

5 Reasons Why Every Musician Should Visit NYC at Least Once in Their Lifetime

The city that never sleeps

One of the things that most musicians share in common is that they do their best creating in the wee hours of the morning. Perhaps at that time there are few intrusions, and the quiet solitude gives rise to imaginings not possible during the hectic hours of the day with so many distractions. Perhaps it is the time when the muses allow themselves free rein in the world of humans because they are safer unseen. How perfect is a city that never sleeps although distractions are few? If ever there was a place to let the creative juices flow, it would most definitely be New York City.

Have you seen the NY music scene?

Actually, some of the very best advice on visiting the Big Apple comes from a blog on the Pirate website. As a collective of rehearsal studios for dance and music, budding artists flock to their studios for DIY recording sessions and rehearsals when putting together a package to pitch to the ever-present talent scouts. According to Pirate, the NY music scene must be experienced firsthand. Any artist who wants to go places in the business needs to see and feel what it's like to get up there in front of some of the most discerning fans on the planet. You can even sit in a set or two if you are lucky enough to develop a rapport with one of the members of the band. It's a talent that will take a bit of nurturing, but you can often find artists willing to mentor those coming up after them.

Don't discount Broadway

If you feel you won't get an authentic taste of the NY music scene on Broadway, perhaps it would be wise to understand exactly what musical theater is all about. Not only are the shows extravagant and highly choreographed but the music echoes trends at the time when the shows were penned. Many music historians claim that if you want a taste of what music was like in any era, catch a Broadway play that came out of that time and lifestyle.

One prime example would be West Side Story. Not only does the music capture the sound of the age, but the story lines are exactly like you'd see out on the streets watching the rival gangs at 'war.' Take a look at the culture of the day and is it really so far removed from ours? Within the past couple of years, we've seen the very same ethnic, racial, and cultural hatred as in the 1950s when West Side Story took place. However, although there was so much hatred, love affairs found a way to make it work. That is much like the culture we are seeing today with an increase in multicultural marriages.

Music genres of the day

Another really interesting thing about NYC is that literally every genre of music can be found performed live on any given day of the week. At the moment, the top five genres are:

This is not necessarily in the order of popularity. This is specifically why it helps to tour the club circuit to get a feel for what is trending. Contrary to what you may believe, not all those who hang in the Latin clubs are Latino and not all the Rap/Hip Hop clubs are filled with African American artists. We have, indeed, come a long way to end the racial and ethnic tensions, but not far enough. Thankfully, music is forging a common bond and the days of hate may be nearing an end if music has anything to say about it!

Live concerts in the parks

Most of us are getting sick and tired of hearing that dreaded word, COVID. The sad reality is that this virus is still with us and is going through what many are referring to as a fourth wave. While not optimal, at least the summer series of live concerts in the park are still being held and this is a perfect place to get an idea of just what is trending. Bands are booked based on popularity and if they are popular, it stands to reason that the music is trending. This year, concerts featured genres such as Latin and Jazz. That's a fairly wide range of musical tastes but, as always, the concerts are well attended.

On the NYC Parks page, it was announced that concerts would be free but, due to space restrictions, even outdoors, they are limiting seating. All remaining concerts will continue to be free, and at this time there are no cancellations requested. The Latin sound of Yo La Tengo had been rescheduled but it appears as if no other concerts will need to be, at least for this year.

Start spreading the news

Perhaps the opening lyrics to the most famous song about New York says it all. If it's music you want in literally any genre, this is where you will find it. Whether you visit as many clubs on the circuit as you possibly can or select a few to get the most out of your visit to New York, you will have an eye-opening experience that just might lead you to a place where you find your niche. Whether you claim, and rightly so, that it was Liza Minnelli who first recorded the song, or Frank Sinatra who did his rendition a full two years later, you will still get to hear a whole host of today's singers giving you their best as well. Take that home and spread the news. There's no place like New York for a musician and that is the bottom line.

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