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5 Reasons Not to Eat Fish

By Garry Rogers @Garry_Rogers

5 Reasons Not to Eat Fish5. Seals and sea lions are scapegoated and shot by commercial fishermen and their lackeys who blame the marine mammals for dwindling fish populations. It’s the same “all here for us” mentality that…

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Photo by Jim Robertson


GR:  Marine and freshwater creatures are declining due to pollution and over use.  Extended health of Earth water systems requires a balance.  In simplest terms, this means that every 200 pounds of fish taken from the ocean should be replaced by 200 pounds of human.  Of course, the oceans, lakes, and streams can recover from small disturbances, from small pollution and small harvest.  No one believes our impact is small.  Another reason not to eat fish is to give the life of our water systems a chance to recover a healthy balance.

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