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5 Reasons for Walking to a Better Life

By Abhirup Lahiri @tweetabhirup

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Before I start discussing on the topic 'am about to, it may seam to be unlike to what usually write on my portal (as far guessed from headline description) .
I always feel the importance to be fit physically as well as mentally active in such a proactive and engaging time we are into at the time 2015, so a healthy practice, always lead you to a better life.

5 Reasons for Walking to a Better Life

5 reasons for walking to better life

Walking has the ability to reduce risk of obesity, diabetes and heart disease,it also maintain weight and control pain from chronic disease. From my self study earlier and implementing them in my daily life, I have chalked out few points which have given me the reason into the swing of walking.
1. Walking is the reason to lower obesity rate and premature death-  People who walk to work (as I always do at morning) less likely to be obese. As I regularly try to walk 20mins a day can reduce risk of premature death, study also says 30mins of walking (for overweight) results weight loss.
2. Walking after mean prevent diabetes - Walking 15mins after meal help regulate blood sugar levels as effective as 45mins walk per day.
This is for those especially who avoid long walking session.
3. Walking is gentle enough for people of all body types -  The above point is approved by doctors and this activity help lessen the pain of chronic illness even for those who start off walking just few mins a day.
4. Walking let’s you better sleep at night - While I was travelling, once a travel advisor advised me to walk around the new place on day I arrived, explaining to me that staying outdoor helped recalibrate hormone melatonin to new surrounding. As melatonin rises so does make you feel of sleepiness.
5. Is your mood off or inside the shell of depression or anxiety? Walking is that tool that lifts all of these. Moving your body is a good way to release endorphins, sedate you and give you a feeling of happiness and euphoria. A doctor once prescribed my friend to start walking  35mins for 5days a week to help improve symptom of mild to moderate depression.
As I always believe, you don't have to be trained to learn how to walk properly, all you need are a pair of comfortable and supportive shoes !

I sincerely hope this suggestion/self implemented discussion, if follow will help you to lead a better life-style even on this fast pacing life race @2015 .

Write to me how useful is it to you. You can also share any inspiring moments or advice, I can even write on behalf of you and publise it here.
I will come up with other topic in my next publication.
So I hope you will be back here again .
- Abhirup
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