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5 Quick Tips To Build Self Confidence

By Subha Bose
Guest Post : T.R KarthikaHi All,I am extremely happy & super excited to connect with you guys here. Thanks to Subha Bose. I am looking forward to give the best of what I know, what I've understood and what I have experienced in my life. Hope it is of some use to someone. So take the best & ignore the rest :-)tips for self condifence
5 Quick Tips:Tip 1 :  Realize You are unique:Remember...yo are unique. No two persons can have the same thumbprints. There is only one you. Take pride in that. This will eventually lead to 'self confident you'.Tip 2 : Making mistakes is not a mistake:Show me one person who has never done a mistake...If you try to find one "err free man", then you probably will fail. So don't mind about you going wrong in your attempts and feel low, it is completely ok to make mistakes because learning from doing something wrong is better than doing nothing at all.Tip 3 : You Love You :Why do we prefer saying love you to others when we most of the time forget to love our ownself ?Lets change it... None can love us if we don't love ourselves. So if you want to be loved , start it by loving your own self.Tip 4 : Acknowledge - Seek the same :A small difference between self confidence & over confidence is that the former is highly constructive and the latter is totally destructive.Never ever think none can beat you or none can do what you are doing. Everyone can do everything but none can do it the way you do or rather your style or your approach can never be compared...So acknowledge others and seek acknowledgement ! Tip 5 : No Negative thinking: Why only meI am unluckyDo I even stand a chance A complete no to the above & similar kind of thinking.If you think your fate gives you so  much of trials to go through wake up & realize that even the fate places so much of confidence that you can over come it. So make sure you battle the problem and do good to the confidence the fate has placed in you and also place a little more trust on yourself. "Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one's own courage - Anais Nin

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