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5 New and Amazing Wedding Backdrop Ideas

By Weddingblog2011

We just love the idea of a glamorous and beautiful wedding backdrop that is the perfect location for fantastic wedding photos. If you've seen the balloons and the paper flowers but want something a little different, then this is the post for you. Check out these 5 new and amazing wedding backdrop ideas!

Chalkboard Wall

If you're able to paint a wall at your reception venue (or put up a large piece of plywood or sheetrock), then this is a fantastic option. Use chalkboard paint to make the entire wall into a chalkboard. You can have an artist create a professional frame that guests can take pictures within, or you can allow guests to scribble and draw all kinds of neat things before taking a picture.

Cloth and Flowers

Want something simple, but something you don't see a lot? Hang a simple fabric in whatever material you love and top it with a beautiful floral topper. You can go for fresh flowers if you like, or simply hot-glue faux flowers to the fabric for an easy and beautiful fix.

5 New and Amazing Wedding Backdrop Ideas

Framed Mirrors

This is especially beautiful for an outdoor ceremony in a picturesque location. Framed mirrors reflecting the beauty of your venue will create a unique and gorgeous backdrop idea. The photos your guests will get are sure to be amazing and surprising as well.

5 New and Amazing Wedding Backdrop Ideas

Vintage Frames

Speaking of frames, you can do more than mirrors for your backdrop. Use vintage frames to create a backdrop of your favorite quotes, vintage photos of your family and friends, photos of the bride and groom at different ages and more. Simply let inspiration strike and let your creativity emerge.

Floral Designs

You've seen the hanging flowers, but this is something new! Floral designs on a solid wall are the perfect backdrop. Create your monogram or simply do a design you love. You can make this easy by using faux flowers. Just hot glue a small magnet to the back of each one, and place a tack in the wall where you want the flower to go. The magnet will hold the flower to the tack and voila - you have a gorgeous floral backdrop in whatever design you want.

Which of these is your favorite idea? Let us know in the comments below, and feel free to share any other fantastic new backdrop idea we haven't seen yet!

5 New and Amazing Wedding Backdrop Ideas

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