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5 Month Bumpdate

By Leslielazard @leslielazard

HOW FAR ALONG… I’ve officially entered into my sixth month, and am currently 24 weeks along. I can’t believe that more than half of the pregnancy is done with already – the time is truly flying by!

TOTAL WEIGHT GAIN… 8 pounds up so far. Thankfully, I haven’t gained too much weight so far and I’m hoping I can keep this trend up for the remainder of the pregnancy.

CRAVINGS… Honestly, not that much to report in the craving department as they seem to have missed me all together with this pregnancy. I do however, love sweets (which is no different than before I got pregnant) and will indulge in a bowl of Blue Bell butter pecan ice cream more nights than not before I go to bed. Yum!

SLEEP… My sleeping situation is a bit tricky some nights. There are nights where I’m able to get a great nights sleep and am totally rested and ready to go the next morning, and there are other nights where I’m just plain uncomfortable and too restless to get any good rest. On average I wake up about twice a night for bathroom breaks, but I usually can fall back asleep pretty quickly once I get back in bed. My dog has also had a few rough nights lately – he’s been waking us up way earlier than usual some mornings, and he also decided to have an all night party session a week or so ago which was lots of fun. I guess he’s getting us prepared for those sleepless nights once baby arrives!

MATERNITY CLOTHING… I’ve finally crossed the point of no return when it comes to maternity clothing. I broke down a few weeks ago and bought these maternity jeans in a couple of different washes the weekend of our gender reveal, and they have made all the difference! I’ve been wearing them nonstop since purchasing, and am much more comfortable than I was before. My work clothing situation has started to get a little bit precarious as well, so I’ve been purchasing a few pieces for work here and there the past couple of weeks. I scored a couple of basics (everyday work pants, white denim, chambray top, and a boho top – sold out) for work and weekend wear last week during a 50% off LOFT sale, and am hoping everything works out when it arrives. Thankfully, I live in a mild climate and am able to wear dresses to work most days – because honestly they’re the only thing that has worked best for me so far during the work week.

SYMPTOMS… Ah, where do I start? I’ve had a difficult time to say the least adjusting to a lot of the unfavorable symptoms I’ve been having. It’s been mostly superficial stuff, but I have been letting it get me down for the past few weeks (hello, hormones). My hair is almost a completely different texture than it was pre-pregnancy, and is pretty much dry, brittle and unmanageable no matter how many deep conditioning treatments I do. I’ve just been trying to visit the salon regularly and keep it moisturized as best I can in between visits. Most days, it’s either in a bun or pulled back off of my face. If anyone has any great hair product recommendations, please do share! My skin is also feeling like the sahara desert these days, which is a huge jump from my oily pre-pregnancy skin. I’m still searching for a body lotion that I love, but I have been using this moisturizer on my face and it works wonders. Other than that, my energy comes and goes and I’m still going to be pretty early most nights. Also, if I’m doing housework or standing up and moving around for an extended period of time I get some mild tightening in my stomach area. It always passes after resting and lots of water, and after chatting with my doctor during my last visit she confirmed that these are indeed Braxton Hicks contractions I’m experiencing. Nothing to be concerned about unless they’re causing me any pain or are accompanied by bleeding.

SHOPPING… I’ve been going a little overboard buying clothes for baby boy – so much so that the hubs put me in timeout from purchasing anything else for the next few weeks. I thought it wouldn’t be as fun to shop for baby boy clothing than it would be for a baby girl, but I was definitely wrong there! Some of my favorite purchases so far have been this activity gym (I loved the colors!), this adorable printed pants set, and this born in 2017 set – so cute!

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