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5 Makeup Looks/Hacks To Rock This Festive Season

By Dr.jenifer Sayyed @SayyedJenifer

Makeup hacks for you to look at your best and do it yourself this season.

These below five hacks are easy peasy to track and save the extra money to purchase various products in the market.

1. Rest those puffy eyes with a fantastic makeup blender.

One of the main challenges in looking best is the under eyes area. Those prominent dark circles or puffy eyes due to a lack of sleep concerns while dressing for an occasion.

Keep the blender in a freezer, and after a few minutes, rest them on your tired eyes, and notice the tiredness vanish away.

Dab the blender in a baking powder and pat it under the eye. The puffiness is reduced, and blood circulation is promoted in the area under the eye.

However, do not overdo this part since the area under the eye is sensitive and may lead to irritation. 

2. Contour the cheekbones by lip colour!

Makeup hacks for you to look at your best and do it yourself this season with lip colours.

Contour the cheekbones by lining the highlighted cheekbones with the shade of your choice and then rub it evenly and gently with a blender. This helps to even out the color.

3. A lipstick can also double up as a blush.

Use a darker shade such as brown to line the high cheekbones area, then dab a lighter shade such as pink on the upper cheek.

Use blush on to merge and spread both the shades across the cheek. 

5 Makeup Looks/Hacks To Rock This Festive Season

4. Lipstick can also be used as an eye shadow

Line the eyelids with a lip pencil. Dab the lip color across the eyelid and brush on the color evenly.

Second, to the lips, eye makeup is the most prominent. For long lashes, apply a coat of Vaseline or petroleum jelly on it.

While applying mascara, look down and curl the lashes upward for a lengthy look.

5. Add volume to the eyelashes by:

Makeup hacks for you to look at your best and do it yourself this season for eyelashes – to add volume to the eyelashes to give it a fuller look, try one of these two methods:

  1. Run the mascara brush on baby powder and apply it on the eyelashes, and then, to boost up the volume, apply a coat of mascara.
  2. Another method is to run the brush over fluffy cotton and then run the eyelashes onto that. Give a thorough coating of mascara for that fuller effect.

Using eye curlers can also make the eyelashes look longer. 

So, rock this festive season with these easy to follow hacks. For example, if you do not have a makeup kit of different colours for the lip, cheeks or eye, you could reinvent the humble lip color to double up as a blush or triple up as an eye shadow.

No need to shy away from looking good. Now, look your best this festive season with some easy to follow and not so expensive makeup hacks. 


5 Makeup Looks/Hacks To Rock This Festive Season

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