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5 Kickass Ways to Use Video With Social Media Marketing

By Harshil Barot @Harshil_Barot

Video marketing has a number of benefits over other types of marketing. It is naturally engaging, because we watch it just as we watch good TV shows or movies. You can hold an audience for several minutes in a world of text messages and skimmed web content.

Even if you only have a several second spot, it will transmit massive amounts of emotionally evocative imagery that creates a stronger impression than any other medium. Video marketing is considered more persuasive than written content.

How to Use Video to Boost Your Social Media Marketing

5 Kickass Ways to Use Video With Social Media Marketing

It is also pervasive, something you can put on your own site, video sites offering how to instructions or YouTube. Let's look at five kickass ways to use video with social media marketing.

Amp Up Your Email Marketing Campaign

Email marketing is one of the most effective marketing tactics available due to its ease of automation and customization and very low cost. You can improve click through rates by sharing a link to a viral video, whether funny or incredibly useful.

The person sees the initial image and wants to click on the landing page to see the video in full. Good videos increase your click through rates by 200% to 300% while having a similar effect on conversions for those who watch the whole video.

The Infinitely Repeating Six Second Ad

Short two to six second loops of video are essentially images with depth. If you capture funny moments of your employees in uniform, innovative ways the product is being used or something as simple as excited unboxing videos, you have the perfect Vine video.

Vine plays the short looping videos over and over again, which hones your message with each repeat. And this format is perfect for sharing on Twitter or Facebook, knowing it will likely be watched even as someone scrolls down the screen. You can also use these short videos as teases to get someone to click on a link to a longer video on your website or another platform like YouTube.

Interviews You Control

5 Kickass Ways to Use Video With Social Media Marketing

Facebook Video allows you to upload up to twenty minutes of HD video, and putting the video on Facebook gives you instant social media sharing capability. This is perfect for doing interviews with employees or key staff or presentations equivalent to a .

This approach gives you far more social signals than any other platform, something you need when building brand recognition with search engines or the search engine results page ranking of your company's verified social media accounts.

And don't forget the videos already taken at various events like presentations and lectures by your on-staff subject matter experts.

Building Customer Engagement through Videos

Who doesn't like a contest? What company doesn't like free content? You can achieve both by having a contest for the best fan video. This will not only result in increased activity on your Facebook page but will increase your EdgeRank score. If you get your customers to vote on the best video, you'll also increase brand mentions across social media.

5 Kickass Ways to Use Video With Social Media Marketing

Another option is asking people to film their testimonials and posting them on your social media accounts. They'll feel like they are being heard, and you're getting great publicity by giving them a platform for it.

Create Your Own Demos

Don't let sites like Ehow dominate web searches for queries on how to solve an error message on your product or how to use an item like what you sell. Create your own product demonstrations from assembly to repair to sending back for warranty work. If the issue is best explained via animation, a company like can help you.

Integrate the right so they rank well for queries on how to do these tasks. One to two minute videos are the ideal length for keeping someone's attention unless the task takes longer.

One benefit of this approach is dominating searches for the after-care of your customers like how-to questions. You also capture queries of people looking for information on how to perform the task for which your product is required and then showing your product as the solution.

You also improve the search engine ranking of your brand on the video platforms search engines give priority to in search results.

Create your own product demonstrations and explanation videos so that other sites don't dominate these search queries. Build customer engagement through video by asking for their testimonials or holding fan video contests. Give interviews and presentations that you control, though you can use video captured from prior events to start putting content out there.

Take advantage of any ultra-short clips you have that could promote your product, even as a teaser to much longer videos. And always link to the best videos as part of your email marketing strategy to increase the click-through rate and impact of your marketing efforts. 🙂

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