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5 Important Tips for Shifting Your Bike to Your New Location

By Huntsends

Moving to another location is a really challenging process and it's already a really difficult task but its difficulty increases by many times when you have your bike with you. A bike is not a really large vehicle that you can load with your stuff and drive to your new locality. But as we all know this is not possible. So to transport your bike to another destination should be done by any professional BIKE TRANSPORT IN DELHI. Hiring a professional transport service will reduce your hassle and save your precious time also. So, to ease the shifting of your bike we are providing you with some of the best tips that can help you a lot. These tips are listed below:-

1. Look for a good option- When you go to search for a good option for the transportation of your bike, there will be a lot of companies with their quotations. You have to search for the best option available among them. And you can do this by comparing their prices, ratings, reviews, and experiences. Don't trust the prices of any company at first, try to visit two or more than two companies and ask for their respective prices. This will help you to get the best deal out of it. Remember, most people skip this tip and get more charged than necessary. If you don't want to be fooled by anybody.

2. Preparing your Bike- You should prepare your bike for the transportation process prior to one week, you should clean and also repair it if your bike has any faults or imperfections. Keep in mind that you have to submit your bike to the transportation service in good condition and check if any dents or scratches had been there before the transit. Submit the report about the bike's condition to your transportation service and tell them that your bike is all ok now, but if it shows any problem in near future this will be the liability of the transportation service. This will help you to get compensation if the company has provided any type of damage to your bike whether it is major or minor.

3. Taking permits- Your bike is going to move in a truck with several other bikes and will be going to cross different cities. This whole transportation process needs various permits from various government departments and agencies. Don't try to break the rules or transport your bike without the permission of your city or state's government because this may put you through many legal troubles in the near future which you may likely avoid.

4. Re-Registration- You can use your bike in your new locality for up to 30 days without any documents because you just moved there recently, your toll receipts and fuel bills are going to prove this argument for you. But after 30 days you may get fined for driving an unregistered vehicle. That's why you should register as soon as possible after reaching your new hometown.

5.Avoid legal troubles- Legal trouble is the last thing you want to get in the middle of your move. The best and short way to avoid legal trouble is to follow the norms and regulations set by the local government of your new locality. You should get all the required NOCs from every necessary department and even from the committee of your new colony if necessary. This will save your future time and will keep you away from any possible legal problems.

So, as we have discussed above how the complex task of moving your bike can be much less difficult than normal if you use the tips that have been provided by us. You can also discuss this matter with your transportation service and take the advantage of their expertise and experience as well. Moving to another city is a really challenging thing to do, we know that but it's worth it. You are going to make a lot of pleasant memories there that you will forget about all the struggles that you have done in the past. That's why we suggest you don't take much stress upon your brain because that will only cause you harm. So keep smiling and do what needs to be done.

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