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5 Hidden Steps That Can Boost Your Organic Ranking

Posted on the 25 October 2019 by Divine T. @backlinkfy

Want to reach the top of Google Search Engine? I know we all want to reach the top of Google. But it is not an easy task Getting your Website to the Top of Google. For that use the Search Engine Optimization Techniques. 

Every business wants to see its website at the top of the search when anyone searches for products or services they want to buy. Throughout the day, thousands of people visit Google, yahoo, bing, and other search engines to find what they want.

So, to stand at the first position in the search engine, one should use basic SEO Strategies by which one can get a high rank in the Search Engine. 

I think we all are aware of SEO and its strategies and some of us might be using this technique and Increase SEO ranking free. Seo is important for all whether you have a WordPress website or website on other platforms. So, as a business owner SEO is an important aspect to grow your business in the digital world. 

SEO is the only way to get Organic Traffic Generation and when we think about SEO then the first and important thing comes in your mind is keywords. But if you are working on keywords and still you will not get an effective result then you should use other aspects of SEO to improve your website ranking and get more organic traffic.

As we know Search Engine changes its algorithm frequently so that no one can easily get rank in the search engine. So, one can also focus on pages, metadata, bounce rate, CTR, broken links, page views, inbound and outbound links, and so on. 

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So, for that one can use SEO strategies by which you will get to improve your rankings in Search Engines. Therefore here we give you detailed information about SEO Techniques that can improve your organic traffic and rankings. So, if you are looking for the same then stay connected with till the end of the blog.

How to Improve Google Search Ranking?

Before knowing the hidden steps to boost your organic traffic, let’s have a look at some factors that affect your website rankings.

  • Error Prevention or 404 pages not found

  • Effectiveness: If user come on your site for particular things, and they don’t find it then he/she is directly redirected on another website. So, provide relevant and proper information or products or services on your page that users want.

  • Memorability: When users re-find your website then he may visit again your website. This re-find ultimately helps you to increase google ranking. At the time of visiting your website, there are so many reasons for user redirect from your site. If they find your website is informative then they will visit your website again. But if not then the user not even remembers you.

  • Efficiency: Efficiency and effectiveness is a useful aspect for any website to get high ranking. At the time of visiting your website, if users easily find what they need they achieve their objective. But if not then they redirect from your website and this little time to spend on your website may impact your website rankings.

  • Learnability: If users navigate your website quickly or buttons are working properly so that users know how to interact. But if users spend so much time on figuring out how to use your website and less time on content. When a user doesn’t get the details as per the requirement then they may be frustrated and leave your website immediately.

Easy Steps That Can Boost Your Organic Ranking:

Want to rank your website at the top of the Search Engine like Google and Bing? If yes then you might be using some useful SEO techniques which help you to boost your rank in Google. Whether your site is on WordPress or any other platform you need to use some tips by which one can get organic traffic. If you are WordPress users and want to know how to improve Google ranking WordPress then below given details might be helpful to you. 

By following the below steps one SEO ranking improves easily when users stay on your site for a long time. Not only this but if your website is user-friendly then it is very helpful to gain your rank and boost your organic search. Below we give you some simple steps or tips by which Improve Google Ranking. So, let’s have a look...

Hidden Steps That Can Boost Your Organic Ranking:

  • Understand Google’s Ranking Algorithm:

As an SEO person, you know that Google changes its algorithm frequently. Google doesn’t inform us when a change is made. So, this is very difficult for you to achieve ranking. You can use the Moz tool which has a google algorithm change history and that will help you to find the changes. You can also use Google Webmaster tool for this as a reference.

  • High Quality, useful and relevant content for your website:

 We all know content is the heart of any website and it is the best SEO and digital marketing techniques for you. As an SEO person, you know Dwell time is the time that a visitor spends on your website, and it can directly affect SEO ranking. 

If you provide useful and high-quality content then your visitor spends more time on your website and ultimately it increases dwell time. As per the research, content with 2000 to 2500 words helps to rank high in search engines. 

This is not the case all the time. Word count does not always matter but the quality content with more keywords, images, outbound links always matters to increase your dwell time. Not only this but if your content is good then the user bookmark your content and by this, your SEO ranking is easily improved.

  • SSL Encryption:

Before some time ago SSL is not required for any website. But now you must purchase the SSL certificate for your website. An SSL encryption is a small but very important part of SEO. SSL introduced by google in 2014 and till now it is very famous to secure your website. The SSL is also known as HTTPS which keeps your user data safe at the time of visiting your website. 

If you have a blogging site then you might not understand the SSL concept. This concept is very useful for the e-commerce website owner. In your e-commerce site, if the user wants to purchase anything then he/she must enter username, password, and credit card details to complete the transaction. 

So, you need to secure their bank or credit card details, ID and password. For that, you need to use an SSL encryption certificate by which search engines crawl your website and keep it secure. If you think purchasing SSL is a very lengthy process then you are wrong. For that, you have to contact your hosting provider. 

  • Page Loading Speed:

seo ranking.JPG

Page speed directly affects your website rankings. Both Google and bing consider your website page-loading speed into their ranking algorithm. If your page loading speed is fast then the user gets the details on-time and spend time on your site. But if your site taking too much time to load then the user may leave your site without waiting for any single seconds. 

This would directly affect your dwell time. Not only this, if your site taking too much time to load then the bounce rate of your site increase and page views are decrease. So, ultimately this hurt your SEO ranking. 

If you want to increase your website page speed then you should include something important on your website. First, include caching plugins. After that, check your code is clean and streamlined. Now optimize all your image size and reduce the number of plugins that are not necessary.

As per the research, high-quality images can easily increase the conversion rate. So, properly optimized images can help you take benefits to generate trust and improve a visitor’s experience without affecting page load time. 

  • Social Sharing:

Social media sharing is the best social media marketing strategy. As per your number of social media, shares can directly influence SEO rank. So, at the time of designing your website, you must install social media sharing buttons. By this, users can easily share your website content as well as this will also improve your website ranking and user experience. 

Not only this but it also improves purchasing behavior. About 4 Facebook users go from linking, sharing or commenting to buy an item. While more than 43% of social media users purchased a product after sharing it on FB, Twitter, or Pinterest. So, by using social media sharing, one can easily boost your organic search and also lift your website ranking in search engines. 

If you are WordPress users then use can use WP Social Sharing or SumoMe or Shareaholic plugins for social media icons. So, this is the best and most are useful Advanced SEO strategies to boost your Organic Ranking. 

  • Remember Sitemap:

If you want to display and index your website in google then Sitemap is necessary. But before that, you have to set up your robot.txt file. By this file, you can define which pages you want to index and crawled by the search engine. Without doing this, the search engine doesn’t crawl some of your important pages. 

A sitemap helps search engine that, what pages are where, which makes it easier for your website to display properly in search engines. The more detailed your sitemap is, the easier it is for crawling and indexing for search engines. 

  • Website URL Structure:

A URL is one of the most important SEO strategies for you. Your website URL structure should be like a formula. You should not have to include underscores, Capital letters, and special characters in your website URL. 

Make sure your website URL is short and sweet. We all know a long-tail URL is better for long-tail search, but be careful while using long-tail URL. Short URLs are only focused on the man keywords that you want to rank and improve your website organic ranking.

I hope you will find How to Improve Google Ranking for a free blog is informative. By this, common and useful tips for Improve Google SEO, one can easily boost your website ranking. If you don’t know how to check the number of page views, traffic of your website, Social media impression then use the Google analytics tool. 

If you like me this post then share it on your social media profile. For any query or suggestions related to Hidden Steps That Can Boost Your Organic Ranking blog then use the below comment box and share your review about this blog. 

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