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5 Haunted Places in Islamabad You Should Never Go

By Huntsends

Islamabad is popular for its attractive landscape. It is a calm and quiet city to live in. People sure want to buy property in Islamabad because of its astounding features. Despite its beauty and peace in its quiet nature, there are some really haunted places too where you will never want to visit or live near it. If you are looking forward to buying a property in Islamabad, you will surely not like it near these haunted places. After complete research, ZemBuilders prefers to invest in real estate in Bahria Town, Zem Ark, Zem Heights, and informs not to invest near these haunted areas mentioned below.

Haunted Places in Islamabad 1.New Islamabad International Airport

New Islamabad International Airport is located near Kashmir Highway and Motorway Exchange. It is far away from the main city population and does not have much life activity around it. There are multiple cases reported due to which the place is taken as haunted.

Especially at night, people have listened to horrifying noises. Staff members informed to have seen strange shadowy creatures. Even some people reported seeing kids playing on the airport runway. According to some rumors, this airport is constructed on an ancient graveyard that has made it haunted.

2. Lok Virsa Museum

Lok Virsa Museum is a museum of cultural and traditional heritage. It is a tourist attraction place for those who like to know about Pakistani cultures and traditions. It is located near Shakarparian.

This museum is perceived as the most haunted place in Islamabad. It is quite normal but it turns out to be spooky and scary when there are fewer visitors or people. People have listened to strange sounds and cries from the surrounding area. Some tourists have described sounds coming from sculptures which make it horrifying for the visitors. Visitors, therefore, visit the museum during peak visiting hours. The public avoid taking children to the museum alone and at night.

3. Kanwal Lake

Kanwal Lake or Lotus Lake, located in Shakarparian became a site of numbers of murders where dead bodies were thrown near the lake. After the 1970s, the lake disappeared due to lack of attention and now, the place is full of bushes and mosses. But this place is still thought to be scary and the individuals who visit it hear cries and the presence of spirits is also reported.

4. Shah Allah Ditta Caves

Shah Allah Ditta Caves are centuries-old caves located near the foot of Margalla Hills. This place is situated in the Islamabad sector D-12. The archeological evidence show that this place is nearly 7 centuries old.

It is a nice picnic point for people but some incidents have been reported that the area is haunted at night. Inhabitants have seen shadowy things at night. Tourists also reported strange noises from inside the caves, like noises of people speaking. The park near the caves is supposed to be possessed and people are recommended to visit only at day time and with a group.

5. Buddhist Graveyard

The Buddhist Graveyard situated in the sector F-6 is known for supernatural activities in the area. A lot of people have informed ghostly activities and wandering spirits in the area. Many residents of F-6/3 believe it is due to their residence which is constructed on ancient graveyard land. Security guards in the sector reported seeing bizarre creatures and silhouettes on the road which suddenly disappears in an instant. People have also stated loud crying sounds and seeing dead people ghosts.

Now you have a complete picture of where to invest in Islamabad. Although the above-mentioned places are good to visit and enjoy, they are not preferred for real estate investment.

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