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5 Halloween Safety Tips for Dogs

By Kristy @mileydailyscoop
Halloween can be a fun time for families and children but not so much for dogs. In fact, Halloween can be dangerous and down right spooky for our four-legged companions.
Here are some safety tips for you and your dog to ensure a fun and safe Halloween.
safety tips for dogs on Halloween

1. Collar and ID, please!

Having a collar and proper ID/Microchip for your dog is a great safety tip for any day but on Halloween dog's can become spooked by the doorbell and sounds of little goblins at your doorstep. Even if your dog isn't a "door darter", doesn't mean it won't happen.

2. Just Say No!

A dog's nose is thousands of times stronger than a humans so keep that bowl of candy up high and out of the reach of furry paws. Food poisoning happens more during Halloween than any other time of year. Learn what to do if you suspect your dog has gotten into some chocolate by visiting our post, Three Things to Know if Your Dog Eats Chocolate.

3. Beware of Hazards!

You've worked really hard on carving that jack-o-lantern so why not keep it outside for your trick-or-treaters to enjoy. Dogs become very curious and their wagging tails and paws can easily knock over a lit pumpkin in your home causing a fire.

4. Costume Safety First!

Many dog owners like dressing up their dogs (us included!) for Halloween. Just make sure it is safe, they can easily move around with it and there are no parts that they can chew or bite off, causing a choking hazard.

5. Stress-Free is the Way to Be!

Having strangers dressed up in costumes showing up at your door can be stressful for your dog. If you find your dog is stressed, move them to a quiet room away from the flurry of activity. This would be a great time to surprise them with a new toy to help keep them calm and distracted.
Do you have a tip for Halloween safety?  Please share it with us in the comments below!

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