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5 Foods We've Been Enjoying During the Polar Vortex

By Glasgow Skinner/ My Life On And Off The Guest List @guestlistblog
While we were stuck at home trying not to experience cabin fever thanks to the Polar Vortex which has everyone asking "how cold it it?". It seems the only question we were asking was, what do we have to eat while watching hours of continuous movies on Netflix and cable. During weather events such as these, you can get stuck continuously eating but hopefully you didn't only enjoy unhealthy treats. We actually indulged in an eclectic variety of both healthy snacks and some a bit more decadent. Although we didn't eat our weight in food....we came pretty close while indulging in these delights (we're also giving ourselves pats on the back for not forcing deliverymen to bring us takeout....we almost lost that battle).
Noosa Passion Fruit Yoghurt
5 Foods We've Been Enjoying During the Polar Vortex
Not too many people know of the deliciousness of passion fruit but the sure Aussies do. Noosa's delicious yoghurt comes in a variety of flavors including this summery, sweet and tart, tropical flavor. In this delicious concoction, Noosa blends ripe, whole passion fruit purée with their rich velvety yoghurt. We're hoping eating this summery treat will have mother nature get into a warmer mood.
Dole Chopped Bacon & Bleu Salad Kit
5 Foods We've Been Enjoying During the Polar Vortex
One word - BACON!! But seriously this amazing salad will have you thinking you're over-indulging but you're so not - unless you add more bacon...and chicken or steak - but even then you're still doing your body good. Featuring bold flavors of Applewood smoked bacon, green and red cabbage, romaine lettuce, kale, sweet carrots and green onions that are brought together with Dole’s Bleu Cheese Dressing, you create a truly memorable and delicious chopped salad experience with this Chopped Bacon and Blue Salad Kit.
Graeter's Oiginal Salted Caramel Ice Cream
5 Foods We've Been Enjoying During the Polar Vortex Not at all ashamed to say more than one pint of the decadent Graeter's Ice Cream was enjoyed. Using the finest ingredients (fresh cream and milk from Ohio farms that pledge not to use any artificial growth hormones; 100% cane sugar; egg custard) and a small-batch freezing process that are are then hand-swirled by artisans in 2-gallon French Pots, these decadent and very irresistible ice cream will have you continuous reaching for the pint. We know what you're thinking - ice cream when its so cold outside? Our answer to that is sometimes you just need ice cream.
Quaker Warm & Crunchy Granola Honey Almond
5 Foods We've Been Enjoying During the Polar Vortex With frigid weather comes the chills (even if you are over-indulging on ice cream). Sometimes the chills just gets right down to your bones and you have to warm yourself from the inside out. That's where the fulfilling Quaker Warm & Crunchy Granola Honey Almond comes in. A delicious hot cereal of whole grain Quaker Oats baked them into tasty clusters of multi-grain granola that stay crunchy even after you heat them with milk.
Jonty Jacobs Fine Beef Products
5 Foods We've Been Enjoying During the Polar Vortex
Using traditional South African curing methods, Jonty Jacobs features gourmet meat two ways - Biltong (dried meat slices) & Droewors (dried sausage). made from fine cuts of beef, these products are rubbed with vinegar and spices before being hung to naturally dry, maintaining the meat’s natural, tender flavor. This is not your typical beef jerky, the Biltong is available in two cuts - traditional (which includes a fine layer of fat to maintain the meats tender, natural flavor) and a lean cut (for the more health conscience). With it's incredible taste, you won't be worrying about which cut is leaner - they are incredibly delicious and gave us the protein we needed.
What treats were you indulging on while the Polar Vortex kept you inside?

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