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5 Do’s And Don’ts & Mobile Website Optimization Tips

Posted on the 17 February 2015 by Dreamtechie

Today we have something worth to read for bloggers and website owners who are willing to make more out of their blogs/websites. Nothing is big and better than a blog when it comes to sharing ideas, creations and information. You may have mastered the art of creating an effective desktop website or blog but is your website/blog is mobile optimized?

A well optimized mobile website/blog can get more engagements drastically.  – By Unknown

Let me tell you something. Throughout my blogging journey, I have seen hundreds of blogs that are too catchy and pretty with loads of visuals on their desktop site but when it comes to opening the same blog on a phone, it takes years to load. That’s just because of the absence of a dedicated mobile website.

Dreamtechie mobile website

There’s absolutely no doubt in the fact that the use of smartphones will increase day after day and therefore more people will access you through their phones rather than switching onto desktop every now and then. So, make the most out of this opportunity by attracting more readers to your blog. And here we are to help you make your blog more mobile friendly with this 5 Do’s and Don’ts for an effective mobile website.

#1. Keep it short and sweet.
Most of the time people who visit your website do not care much about how artistic your website is. They are in need of some information. And if they find it easily on your website or blog, they will visit you again. It’s as simple as that.

Do – To start with, let your mobile site be simple. Do whatever it takes to deliver the information to the audience or visitor faster. Also help them find the content they are looking for without much fuss.

Don’t – Stay away from indulging your readers into ‘surveys’ on mobile website. Do not entangle your viewer into the long list of categories; instead keeping top rated or most viewed articles on the top will be a good alternative.

#2. Less photos on your mobile website.
We all know, pictures and visuals deliver content very effectively to the readers but when we talk about delivering content through mobile website, the same concept has to be revised.

Do – Limit yourself from using too many unnecessary images. For simple yet more engaging mobile website try to use images where they are really needed.

Don’t – Let’s be practical. Why would I navigate through a mobile blog which takes so much of time and data to open up? And that’s the similar with most of the viewers. Therefore, do not rely heavily on delivering the content through pictures as they would only slow the things down and which will lead to an increase in traffic bounce rate.

#3. A minimal design website that works on multiple handsets will do.
For effective mobile site, you need to understand how important a minimal design can be instead of an aesthetic or glamorous look.

Do - A minimal design to go with will ensure that user find it convenient to browse through different content on your website. Along with minimal design, you also need to make sure that your mobile website runs perfect across multiple handsets regardless of it being an iOS, Android or even Windows.

Don’t – Never ever design a site that is confined to only few handsets. Remember, not all your viewers own an iPhone or latest Android OS. Some of them might have a Nokia with them.

#4. Feedback should always be welcomed.
Feedbacks are integral part of any venture be it a successful blog or an unsuccessful website. Feedbacks from the audience play an important role in how and what the future of your blog will be.

Do – Design and assign a dedicated space on your mobile website for Feedback purpose. Send them mails in a while seeking their feedback on your blog. And when you hear any advice or complaint, act wisely.

Don’t – “Asking viewers for their valuable feedback” and “annoying them by sending too many mails”, are two different things. And thus for a successful mobile blog avoid the latter option.

#5. Learn from the Pros.
By pros we mean some of the Great mobile websites seen on web. Huff post is the perfect example of mobile optimized website, which has kept their design to minimal level, quickly opens up on your phones.

HuffPost and Ebay Mobile Website

Similarly, e-commerce sites like Everlane, Zady and ebay are too easy to browse and look for different items.

All the above mentioned websites attract a good number of audiences on their mobile site just because they have kept their approach simple and informative.

Some good references regarding mobile optimization of websites -

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The Growing Importance of Mobile Website Optimization
Source: The Growing Importance of Mobile Website Optimization Infographic

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By Dainis Graveris
posted on 23 September at 18:32

Great tips. It is quite a challenge to design for mobile and have SEO in mind. Basically everything that matters is SPEED. That''s the priority.

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