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5 Day Photo Challenge: Foggy Morning

By Ninstravelog @ninstravelog
I accepted a photo challenge from Indah Susanti, which is a combination of two challenges: Black and White 5 Days Photo Challenge and Five Photos - Five stories Challenge. This is Day 2 of the Photo Challenge, for my next 2 days I will only post 1 Black and White photo per day, together with it's original colour photograph followed by the story of the picture as part of the Five Story Challenge.
By the end of each post I will invite bloggers to participate in the challenge. Bloggers can decide whether to do both challenges or just one challenge or not do any of the challenges at all. The rules for the 5 Day Challenge are:
  1. On 5 consecutive days, create a post using either a past or recent photo in B&W only for Black and White Challenge OR in color for Five photos - Five stories Challenge.
  2. Each day invite another blogger friend to join in the fun.

Foggy Morning

The picture above was taken in the UK, somewhere in Yorkshire, early winter 2011. I was just learning how to take pictures of the weather, and to understand that to get a good landscape photograph, one has to:

  1. Check the weather; that day was frosty and foggy outside. Actually beyond the garden seen above, it was a beautiful landscape, but I could not see that properly due to the fog. But they all say this is the time to photograph and to work with the weather.
  2. Get up early to catch the "right and softer light" - which makes the fog look even worse not to mention the frost as it was still very early in the morning, the sun was not properly up yet.
  3. Shoot during golden hour... Well, I am not sure if this golden hour.

Anyway the result was as shown in the above, and the original colour photo was not much different, it's better to look like monochrome photography. I think the result makes this photo good for Black+White Photography as in reality it looks like it's already in grey colour anyway. Thus made my theory on my previous post about B+W photography wrong then...? or this is the moment when a photographer needs to think of B+W photo?

The Challenge Invitation

I invite from Restlessjo to join the challenge/challenges. I like to read RESTLESSJO because she writes about her wandering around the countryside of England, a country where I might reside sometime in the near future. Her blog which includes gorgeous pictures of the countryside of North East England gives me ideas on where to go once I visit England again.

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