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5 Animals Native to Singapore and Where You Can Find Them

By Cubiclethrowdown

Singapore is a wonderful destination for adventure, tropical relaxation, and wildlife viewing. These are just a few of the native animals you might see when exploring Singapore.


5 Animals Native to Singapore and Where You Can Find Them
Image via Flickr by Phalinn Ooi

The mousedeer is a species that many Singapore outsiders have never even heard of, which makes spotting one even more exciting. They are not actually a mouse or a deer. Instead, they are their own unique animal that mysteriously hides in the background of forested areas. Their advanced ability to hide is one of their most important characteristics for survival. There have been reports, however, of sightings within the Central Catchment Nature Reserve.

Finding a hotel in Singapore that’s in a central location can help you get closer to native wildlife, including the mousedeer. Choose a hotel near the local nature reserves for better access to Singapore animals.


Dugongs closely resemble the American manatee but have prominent differences when you get closer to them. They have also been compared to elephants and cows. Additionally, their tails are closer to that of a whale. Dugongs primarily stay in shallow waters, so you can sometimes spot them from land or one of the coastal islands including Pulau Tekong. They are hard to miss, as they can grow up to 13 feet and 2,200 pounds.

Banded Leaf Monkeys

The banded leaf monkey is one of only three non-human native primates in Singapore. Although native, the banded leaf monkey is currently endangered. There are expected to be only about 30 banded leaf monkeys left in the Central Catchment Nature Reserve. This unique breed of monkey primarily feeds on leaves and fruits. They are a reserved mammal and are best viewed from afar.

Flying Lemurs

The flying lemur has a body shape that allows it to easily glide through the air. It also has large eyes and is gray or brown in color. Flying lemurs have the ability to fly up to 100 meters. They spend much of their day hanging from trees or gliding from one food source to the next. You can spot flying lemurs in the Central Nature Reserves or in the Bukit Batok Nature Park. They are mostly active at night.

Singapore Whiskered Bats

The Singapore whiskered bat, as its name implies, is native to only Singapore. It is a small bat that feeds on insects and can often be found in rolled up banana leaves. They are covered in a dark brown fur that helps it blend in at night. They can be identified by their long ears and small eyes. 

Reports of Singapore whiskered bats have declined over the years, leading many to think they are near extinction. However, they are not yet classified as such. They are more likely to be in one of the local nature reserves.

Although Singapore is no longer covered in tropical rainforest land as it once was, there are still many unique native wildlife species worth viewing. Visit one of the local nature reserves and see many of these exciting creatures from afar.

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