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#5 Amazing

By Grasshopper
Check out GM's track noted above 'live' on youtube, it is simply amazing, been listening to him since 84'. No one like him.
Back to the planet, you know, the place we live on. Any idea why all the birds were dropping from the sky earlier this year ? Any idea why dead fish were washing up everywhere on shore ? And when I say everywhere, I'm talking about various places around the world, not just when the birds started dropping in the U.S. mid-west.
Well, do your own homework, check out the answers, lots of theories out there. Don't believe everything you see or hear. You're instincts will tell you pretty much what you need to know.
Not going to talk about Building 9 (is it ?) and 9/11. Save that for our special guest on an upcoming podcast.
No quote coming to MIND, okay, hmmm,  how about some good old MT :

"When we remember we are all mad, the mysteries disappear and life stands explained."

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