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44) Mahadevapura: (10/10/2011)

By Karthikprabhu03 @karthikprabhu03

44) Mahadevapura: (10/10/2011)
Place: Mahadevapura.Distance: 135 x 2  = 270kms. ( Our circuit came upto 350 kms aswe ended up in Mysore).Directions: Bengaluru –Ramnagar – Maddur  - Mandya – Left turn –Arakere – Mahadevpura.Particiapants: Chethan(Zethu)> Karthik (Sp).Bikes: Avenger >Pulsar.Previous visit: NGlake, Manchinbele, Kanva, BigBanyan Tree – The thrin reservoir ride.
INLESS THAN 50 WORDS:Alright this was an old-school smoothsailing run to cover this wonderful bird sanctuary. The place is pretty hard tofind but yeah, worth all the effort put in finding it.44) Mahadevapura: (10/10/2011)
44) Mahadevapura: (10/10/2011)
44) Mahadevapura: (10/10/2011)
44) Mahadevapura: (10/10/2011)
INTRO & PLAN:Well actually we had planned to visit this place on 31/8/2011, instead ended up at Muthathi.So… on the previous night i.e, 9/10/11 made a study a about this place and yeah all the places around it too, you never know where we’ll be ending up ha-ha!!And finally Zethu was the only person on the confirmed list.TIME: 23:00 hrs.
44) Mahadevapura: (10/10/2011)44) Mahadevapura: (10/10/2011)44) Mahadevapura: (10/10/2011)
ASSEMBLE:I was up at around 04:00hrs sharp had a sip of coffee, did a few push ups and was set to go. Then got a call from Zethu and we decided the meet up point to be Rajarajeshwari Nagar Gate. So… without wasting anytime reached the gate. About 10 minutes latter Zethu joined me.TIME: 04:30 hrs
44) Mahadevapura: (10/10/2011)44) Mahadevapura: (10/10/2011)
44) Mahadevapura: (10/10/2011)
RIDE I: (Bengaluru – Maddur)This was an 80kms stretch. It was pretty cold and the roads were wet as it had rained the previous night. But yeah we started off slow to get used to the conditions, and it was smooth sailing from then to reach Maddur.TIME: 06:30 hrs
44) Mahadevapura: (10/10/2011)44) Mahadevapura: (10/10/2011)44) Mahadevapura: (10/10/2011)
RIDE II: ( Maddur – Mahadevpura)At the outskirts of Maddur we witnessed a beautiful sunrise and without wasting anytime we carried on to reach Mandya, from here on directions had to be asked.After Mandya we took a left turn and continued further, the roads were good and the surroundings were brilliant. We cruised past the green fields and lake and also through some villages (Kodyala, Arakere)Again asking fro further directions we continued further to spot the Arakere lake, but decided to visit it on our way back. Finally after sometime we reached the Mahadevpura Bridge, it was a wonderful sight all around and river Cauvery was in full flow. When asked about directions to the actual place, we got back a straight forward answer saying that was the actual place :P ha-ha. So we finally caught hold of a localite there, and spoke to him for a good 15-20mins and finally when we spurted out the golden word “Katte” he gave us proper directions.Yeah that’s the word one should be asking for in-case somebody wants to visit this place. After getting proper directions we sailed smoothly and reached this wonderful place.TIME: 09:00 hrs
44) Mahadevapura: (10/10/2011)44) Mahadevapura: (10/10/2011)
44) Mahadevapura: (10/10/2011)
MAHADEVPURA:It was an excellent place and worth all the trouble we had taken finding it. The force of the water was tremendous so we could not walk on the bund. Check out the snaps taken, it expresses way better.After spending about 20 mins at the Anicut we decided to walk & explore the place, and yeah we both were the only people in at-least 2km radius so bike’s safety was not a problem. We started walking but the road seemed never ending, so went back and started the wonderful off-road bird safari on our bikes.
44) Mahadevapura: (10/10/2011)44) Mahadevapura: (10/10/2011)
44) Mahadevapura: (10/10/2011)
RIDE III: (Bird Safari)We were about 10min into the ride, when all of a sudden two huge blue creatures flew right across our bikes. We stopped at the right moment to witness these creatures fly across the river to the other side. It was peacocks, first thing I wondered was can peacocks fly?? :PWe also spotted a lot storks, cranes, lucky black bird, and many other strange birds. Ba-ba Bird was definitely the word that day ha-ha!!After the sanctuary ride we decided to spend sometime sitting on the rocks watching the birds fly around us. Oh yeah I was still in search of the perfect snake!!Finally… we reached back the “Katte and had one final look at this wonderful place.TIME: 10:30 hrs
44) Mahadevapura: (10/10/2011)44) Mahadevapura: (10/10/2011)
44) Mahadevapura: (10/10/2011)
RIDE IV: (Mahadevpura – Mysore)As we left Mahadevpura, we kept going until a we spotted a board which read “Mysore 10kms”, ha-ha!! We had no choice so we reached Mysore, did one full lap around it and got back on our home ground SH-17 (Mysore road).TIME:11:30hrs
44) Mahadevapura: (10/10/2011)44) Mahadevapura: (10/10/2011)
44) Mahadevapura: (10/10/2011)
RIDE V: (Mysore – Maddur)After a drinks break at Mysore, we decided the next stop would be at Maddur for breakfast. So this stretch was a non-stop ride, and SH-17 being a 4-lane road didn’t offer any difficulties.So reached Maddur at about 13:00 hrs and finished a heavy meal. Then we were thinking of visiting Kanva or not. Only one game could decide this , Rock-Paper-Scissor Ha-ha :PTIME: 13:30 hrs
44) Mahadevapura: (10/10/2011)44) Mahadevapura: (10/10/2011)
44) Mahadevapura: (10/10/2011)
RIDE VI: (Maddur – Kanva)This was 40km stretch; all we had to do was stay awake. We rode non-stop to reach this wonderful reservoir at about 14:00hrs. We didn’t spend much time here, we sat in the shade for sometime and decided to leave.TIME: 14:30 hrs
44) Mahadevapura: (10/10/2011)44) Mahadevapura: (10/10/2011)
44) Mahadevapura: (10/10/2011)
CONCLUSION:Once we reached the stop we had a goodlaugh at the ride and left to our respective homes. Overall this was a classic run to a newplace and to get back some momentum to our overall run.(And yeah as some Extra’s, I directly wentto college ground after this trip and ran a few rounds to get back some warmthin body ha-ha!!)Ta-ta !!
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