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40+ Denim Dresses for Summer and Every Style and Size

By Wardrobeoxygen @wardrobe_oxygen

There's this thrill when a fashion trend returns that we liked the first go-round. Even better when it's a trend we weren't able to pull off the first time. It may have been because of money, of body shape or size, of age, of gender... there are a lot of reasons it's awesome when the planets align and we get a second chance to do a trend. And this summer, it's your time if you always loved the trend of denim dresses for summer and beyond.

I think many Gen X women have a positive memory of a denim dress. I know I do. My kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Winston had a calf-length denim jumper (a pinafore to those outside the US) and I just thought she was the greatest. One year for the first day of school, I wore an acid-washed lightweight denim dress I found at Burlington Coat Factory. It was two sizes too large, but I cinched it with one of my belts, rolled up the sleeves, and popped the collar. And I remember hitting many a nightclub in the late '90s in a fitted calf-length stretch denim dress with detachable straps.

Even more recently, I had a belted denim shirtdress from Boden I wore back in 2016 (I think it may still be in my attic...) and a CityChic jumper I wore in late summer of 2016 as a dress and winter of 2017.

Get The Look: Celebrities in Denim Dresses

The reason denim dresses for summer are great is because silhouette and shoes can transform it to most any aesthetic. Silhouette and shoe choice can make a denim shirtdress look appropriate for the office, a vacation getaway, a baby shower, or running errands.

All that, and good memories from a previous time this trend was in stores? It's no surprise that summer denim dresses have been a hot topic in my Instagram DMs, in the WO2 Community on Facebook, and in comments here at Wardrobe Oxygen.

Get the Look: Shop Denim Dresses for Summer

Loving the denim dress trend any time of year, but especially for the classic Americana with a touch of boho vibe of a denim dress, I love them for summer. I decided to add a denim dress to my wardrobe this summer and went on a search. I wanted to share some of the great denim dresses I found on sale this summer.

Below each collage are descriptions of the dresses with links; I also share the size range available so you don't have to click to find out the items aren't available for you. However, I cannot guarantee the items will stay in stock in all sizes! Then below each collage is a carousel of dresses seen in these collages with their price. The price may be lower if the retailer has a sale taking place; if you click on the image the shopping page will open in a separate browser.

Shop Modern Denim Dresses for Summer:

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Shop Denim Shirtdresses:

As I mentioned in some of the descriptions, this search found great items for this collage, but also great items for me! I ordered a couple of these denim dresses for my summer wardrobe and I will be sure to report back with which ones worked for me and why!

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