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4 Years Ago Today Mr. Berkens Rang the Register, a Look Back

Posted on the 07 December 2019 by Worldwide @thedomains
Michael Berkens rang the register

On this day back in 2015 Michael Berkens announced that he sold the majority of his portfolio to GoDaddy. (171 comments).

At the time Michael could not give numbers but after things settled the numbers came out, covered the purchase price of $35.5 Million. The credit goes to George Kirikos:

According to a series of tweets from George Kirikos this evening, GoDaddy “*definitely* paid $35.5MM for Mike Berkens domain portfolio.

Of course Mike started 2015 off great as well, he sold for $800,000.

Since the sale, GoDaddy has been busy selling names from Michael’s portfolio:

Former name was sold and eventually acquired by Andrew Rosener’s Media Options. was used to promote the Peyton Manning ads for Directv. DeltaDental purchased, sold to the owner of the .ca. was sold and points to a YouTube Channel, was sold to a Chinese buyer.

Others include, SilverRain(.)com; DrugDirectory(.)com, Blindfold(.)me, HaveMoreFun(.)com, Nextlinks(.)com. TakeaClass(.)com, LikeaGlove(.)com, LoveRoulette(.)com, RomanticVideos(.)com. which points the .com to Online.Cars.

In all my conversations with Michael he seems very happy that he made his sale when he did. I thought the timing was excellent. A large portfolio is a lot of stress with a lot of pressure to keep selling.

This past week in the news expired and closed at $139,001 on GoDaddy auctions, that was a name owned by Michael for many years before moving on to Telepathy and then a couple Chinese registrants.

Four years later, what do you think of the timing of the sale?

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