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4 Ways to Earn and Save This Christmas

By Ty Watson

Uh HUM (clearing my throat HERE!). Here ye! Here ye! Christmas will be here before y'all know it! Are y'all ready? I know I am! Most people enjoy the spirit of giving during the holiday season, right? However, the holiday season can pose as a huge problem especially for those who like to splurge on expensive gifts (like me). If you're looking for inexpensive gifts this holiday season, you'd probably be interested in a nice range of discounted perfumes and colognes, right? They make perfect stocking stuffers for both friends and family. But, money doesn't come easy, and we ALL need to cut some ends in order to gain some, right? To get your pockets brimming with cash this season, here's four ways you can earn and save this Christmas.

4 Ways to Earn and Save this Christmas

Garage Sales

Who doesn't LOVE garage sales, right? Garage sales can easily bring you both cash (and EXTRA space) from items you NO longer want. However, there's no use having a garage sale if NO one knows that you are having one. To make it more convenient, you can advertise digitally on craigslist, facebook, twitter, and any other social media sites to which you belong. This way - you're not only selling your stuff over the weekend or whenever you're free but 24/7.


You can scout for coupons you see in magazines, newspaper and flyers. These will come in handy, especially during a trip to the supermarket. The savings you get can be used as additional cash for your gifts.

Online VIP Membership Clubs

Sometimes, all you need is an active email address to sign-up and get all those perks and privileges. For instance, when you visit, you could sign up for the beSavvy Instant Savings Pass and get 15%-30% more savings on almost all items like discount perfumes, cosmetics and bath products. Email notifications will also be sent and these will include private coupon codes. This way, you're not only getting a treat for yourself but also for your loved ones just by saving enough of those extra dollars.

One-day or one-night projects

Freelance work is one way of earning EXTRA cash. However, freelance work is still time consuming as you're required to report or finish tasks on a regular basis. What you need is a quick way to earn cash in just a FEW hours a day. If you're good at baking, you can offer pre-ordered cookies or cupcakes for a fee. If you're on the creative side, you can offer services for party kits, poster and invitation designs. The possibilities are endless. You just have to know your skills and use them to your advantage.

Saving and earning this Christmas can be absolutely FUN if you focus on your goal. It's just a little sacrifice to be able to get the best gifts for your family. Who knows, your earning capability can even make way for your future business.

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