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4 Ways to Deal With Disruptive Students

By Naturegirl321 @SharonTEFLTips

4 Ways to Deal With Disruptive Students


Every class usually has one student who always has a comment or question. These types of students love to be the center of attention and have all eyes on them. Other students usually get frustrated with them and my sigh loudly when that particular student raises his hand or says, “Teacher, I have a question.”
Usually no one else has any questions or comments and this student is holding up the lesson. There are a couple ways that you can deal with these types of students.
  • Avoid sitting or standing across from them. If you’re opposite them it’s easier to make eye contact. The best place is right next to them so they can’t catch your eye.
  • Talk to them after class. Let them know as nicely as possibly that they shouldn't dominate the class. Tell them that they can ask you questions during your office hours.
  • Cut them off. Ok, it's a bit rude to interrupt you, but they've been doing the same to you. Simply say, "That's an interesting question / comment, but unfortunately we don't have any more time to discuss it. If you'd like to discuss it further you can visit me during my office hours."
  • Refer the question to others. There's no reason you can't ask the other students for their opinions. You're not the only one who can answer questions. As an added benefit, students are usually more direct and this may discourage them from trying to dominate the class. 

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