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4 Useful SEO Tips for Small Businesses to Improve Online Prominence

Posted on the 09 March 2017 by Dubseoservice

Advent of the Internet has opened up prospects for the world of business and commerce. But, at the same time it has brought unbelievable competition too. In this situation, how can small businesses survive in the ongoing digital age? Both business owners and SEO experts all over the world are searching for the right solution to the problem. Read on to know what search engine optimisers in London are thinking to overcome the challenge.

According to experts working at a reputed local SEO company in Manchester, even the website having the best design needs to be optimised for the search engines. Otherwise, it will never show up in organic searches and attract visitors. As a small business owner, you don’t need to master the science and the art of search engine optimisation to rank your website higher on SERP.

1)Go for on-page SEO:

You can take a small step at a time to improve online prominence of your business website. On-page SEO is most important aspect for search engines to understand what your site is all about. It is a good idea to start with this aspect to drive more visitors to your business. Here are some tips on it:

  • Make sure that a webpage title correctly describes the information the page contains.
  • Keep the URLs (i.e. web address of your pages) short.
  • Insert the relevant keywords or popular search phrases naturally, within the first 100 words in a page content.

Experts at a local SEO company  say, these tactics pay off handsomely, if they are properly implemented.

2)Select your keywords carefully:

For small businesses, it is a lost battle while trying to improve ranking with competitive search phrases. Big brands are already in competition with popular keywords. Therefore, it is better to select keywords that have less competition. This is where long-tail keywords become relevant. Focus on long-tail keywords with less competition to get desired results.

3)Quality and relevancy of your external links:

Experts from a local SEO agency in Manchester suggest to focus on the quality and relevancy of your external links. Quantity of your site’s external links does matter to make your site appear trustworthy to search engines. But, quality and relevancy of those links are even more important. Suppose, you offer plumbing service and your site gets links from a sports nutrition blog. In such cases, Google will simply consider it a spammy link and you will not enjoy any benefit from it. Rather, it can affect your site’s ranking on Google SERP.

4)Use the free tools:

Google offers a number of free tools, like Google Analytics, to monitor your website traffic. Do not hesitate to use these tools, if you are really serious about expanding your business. Also focus on Google Search Console to target those keywords that customers are using  to find you on the web

Remember that SEO experts can only help in generating traffic for a website. But, your business will actually improve only when you provide visitors with great online experience after they have arrived at your business website.

4 Useful SEO Tips for Small Businesses to Improve Online Prominence

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