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4 Tips That Will Help You Sleep Better

By Lyndsay @balancebrunette
4 Tips That Will Help You Sleep Better

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Sources claim that 8 hours of sleep is essential per night. However, with the active and busy lifestyles that many claim, we do not always have enough hours in the day to accomplish this. Not only is it the time we don’t have, but sometimes the mental capacity to turn off and get the sleep that we need. When we don’t get enough sleep, we function slower, may get headaches, feel lethargic and drained. We may also feel shaky, nauseous and unsteady. Therefore maintaining a good sleep routine is in fact vital to health. So how do we accomplish this? Here are some quick tips to rescue you! 

1. Take supplements 

This may seem a simple solution but it may be one that you have dismissed. Supplements are not addictive. They do not harm the body and they are often very gentle on the digestive system. Therefore, you should consider lavender supplements, or perhaps even cbd for sleep which helps relax you. Afterall, it is often the ‘turning off’ part of sleeping that is the most difficult for us.

2. Eliminate the snoring

Snoring is a sleep problem that interferes not only with snoring, but also with those who share it with him or her. There is something known as the Philips device, which is a type of smart belt that is fastened around the center of the body at night, and it produces a gentle vibration to make you change position while sleeping and stop snoring. Whilst there are plenty of other gadgets on the market, it is worth researching them because the chances are that snoring will in fact inhibit you. Try playing some gentle sounds in the background to try and eliminate the heavy breathing also. 

3. Exercise a little before bed

Exercise, of course, raises body temperature so if you go for a run in the evening or go to the gym be sure to do it 4-6 hours before bedtime, so you don’t disturb the body’s cooling system. If you are too warm before bed then you won’t sleep as easily. You should consider gentle yoga also before bed and could also consider reading which will make your eyes tired. 

4. Quality or quantity

Not only quantity, but also quality – as mentioned, many people choose to sleep less than they need to sleep. In such cases, the quality of sleep should be improved rather than the quantity. If you know that longer hours of sleep just aren’t possible, then you must try to improve the quality of the sleep.

The deep sleep states, stages 3 and 4 of sleep which are closest to a state of coma, and they produce long and slow brain waves (these are incidentally different stages of REM sleep, which is also dream sleep). Research is still ongoing, but there is already an understanding that these stages have to do with memory quality, the immune system and cognitive performance. You can improve this type of sleep with magnesium supplements and going to bed at the same time every night. Try to stay positive

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4 Tips That Will Help You Sleep Better

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