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4 Tips For People That Feel Self Conscious About Exercising

By Lyndsay @balancebrunette

We all know that exercise is important, but if you are an anxious person and you haven’t exercised much in the past, you may be feeling self conscious about it (example: me). Many people find the idea of working out in a busy gym or running in public quite scary, so they put it off. But it’s important that you find a way to overcome these fears so you can stay fit and healthy. These are some of the best tips for people that feel self conscious about exercising!

4 Tips For People That Feel Self Conscious About Exercising

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Buy Stylish Workout Clothes 

When you wear nice clothes that you like, it gives you a confidence boost and that is true for a lot of people when they exercise as well. If you spend some time picking out some nice workout clothes, like these stars and stripes leggings, for example, you will feel a bit better about yourself. This isn’t going to solve the problem completely, but it can help you when your confidence is low and you are worried about working out. Investing in good quality workout clothes will also help you to stay motivated as well. 

Start At Home 

Many people are worried that they will be judged by others at the gym because they are beginners and their workouts are not advanced. It’s daunting to go into a gym and start lifting small weights right next to somebody that is more advanced, but it’s important to remember that everybody is there for themselves and they are not paying attention to what you are doing. However, if you are still worried about it, why not start working out at home first? You can build your fitness up and get a bit of confidence before you start working out in public, and that will help a lot. There are some great online workout videos that you can follow to get started. When you do feel confident enough, look for some beginner workout classes where everybody will be in the same boat as you. 

Workout With A Friend 

Having a friend with you when you workout can help a lot if you are feeling self conscious. You can focus on what you are doing and a bit of moral support goes a long way to boosting your confidence. Most people find that their workout sessions are more effective when they have somebody else there to motivate them as well, so you will get more out of it. 

Pick The Right Gym 

When you feel comfortable about going into a gym, it’s important that you look at a few different options and pick one that works for you. For example, many women feel a lot more comfortable working out in a gym that has a women-only section. When you look around a gym, go at the time that you would normally exercise so you can see how busy it is. If you can find one that will be relatively quiet when you are there, that will help a lot. 

If you feel self conscious about exercising, follow these tips and you will be able to build up your confidence!

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4 Tips For People That Feel Self Conscious About Exercising

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