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4 Tips for Making Your Backyard a Summer Party Spot

By Mountain Publishing @mountainpublish
4 Tips for Making Your Backyard a Summer Party Spot

Well, summer is officially upon us, as the sun brightens and the days stretch well into night, and it's about that time people also start looking for ways to enjoy the outdoor weather without having to spend a lot of money. With just a backyard and a bit of imagination, you can create the ultimate summer party spot. The following is a list of some simple things that can transform your backyard into a party spot, so whether you have a lush garden or a flat lawn you can use it to maximum effect to enjoy your various summer activities.

Adding Furniture to the Backyard

The possibilities are literally endless here, as you can go for large decorative pieces, like wood framed gazebos, fitted with outdoor curtains from a place like ResCom Designs in Toronto that custom makes everything; a glass solarium with a verdant garden and distressed wood seating inside; or you can opt for a simple plastic table and chair setup. Tables, tall plants, torches... even couches and bean bags can be placed in the garden, though these require coverings, so you're better off sticking to outdoor-approved furniture.

Backyard String Lights

Every good party host knows that you have to cultivate a certain mood, one that seems cozy as well as rambunctious, and there's no better way to strike that balance than to hang some string lights. Reminiscent of both university dorm rooms and fancy beachside cafes, patio string lights give the party site a relaxed, modern feel. There are lots of string lights to choose from in stores, as well as a full selection of portable LED Lanterns.

Outdoor Movie Theatre

The summer sun is healthy for movie buffs, who spends most of the year in a dark theatre. The season is a great opportunity to wheel out a projector, point it at a blank space in your backyard and call your friends over for a movie night. There's something retro that we love about watching movies outdoors, and the popcorn you make is guaranteed to be cheaper than at the movie theatre!

Blowing in the Breeze

Nothing is more festive than a bright, floating table banner. This summer, make your backyard festive by tying a garland banner to two ground stakes and hanging it over the table, or, for a cheaper option, you can download colourful card stock flag templates, print them and affix them to posts near your backyard tables, giving your backyard that festival feel. For a garden party in Toronto, outdoor curtains are a must because they help to keep out mosquitoes, bugs, and other crawling insects to give the most comfortable outdoor summer experience.

Your backyard can be used to enjoy various summer activities, whether transformed into a beachside café, a movie theatre, or a summer music festival. If you're looking to retrofit your outdoor space with a big project, remember to do your research and look into companies that can help make your summer party dreams a reality. All you have left to do is light up the BBQ and make sure you have plenty of ice in the freezer.

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