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4 Things Squidoo Can Do For You

By Lisa @Lisapatb
Have you heard of Squidoo? Squidoo is free space on the web where you create lenses. So what can that do for you?

4 Things Squidoo Can Do For You
1. It can get backlinks to your website and/or blog quickly
2. You can make money from your lenses
3. Squidoo will increase traffic to your website
4. You can be part of a thriving community of writers

I have played with it over the past year and recently got a little more serious with it and published a few lenses.  It is very similar to doing a blog but with more tools and options at your fingertips. They have added many features since last year including social media and there is more of a community setting.  Squidoo has been around since 2005. 

Their mission is according to their about us page "to run an open, free platform that gives people a simple way to organize their interests online – and bring more human, curated, original content to the web. We make it easy for writers of all stripes to create portfolios of beautiful webpages, each one about a single thing or story or opinion that they know and love. As a bonus, when one of their pages does well, it earns a royalty for the writer or for charity." 
You can check out my Squidoo lense here.

4 Things Squidoo Can Do For You

The lense is on the Great American Smoke-Out

Have you created a lense on Squidoo? I hope to create more and continue another post on this free platform with more tips. If you have tips on making a great lense on Squidoo I'd love to hear about it!

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