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4 Things Mindfulness Has Thought Me

By Lovelybylucy @lovelybylucy

One of the things that has made a huge difference in my life over the past few months, is mindfulness. It seems to be trending at the moment, everyone knows the term and tv, magazines and the internet are paying more and more attention to it. Probably because in our rushed lives, we could use a little grounding. Mindfulness is the art of being. It’s having focused, friendly, non-reactive attention to the experience in the now, without judging. Techniques used within mindfulness have existed for thousands of years, so it’s nothing new, really. I could write a 6-page article about what mindfulness is exactly, but since it’s everywhere, I’ll just leave it to the interested amongst you to go google it for yourself. For me personally, it reduced my anxiety and stress, helped me become more self-conscious, more aware and living more in the present moment. Here are 4 important lessons mindfulness has thought me, and I’d definitely recommend reading a book about it or following an online course if you’re looking to find more piece from within, to feel more and to think less.

  1. Mindfulness teaches you to be more present, more in the moment. This is accomplished by doing things consciously and with full attention. Enjoying what you’re doing to the fullest, even in the little moments. It also teaches you to be more mild to yourself. We sometimes feel like we have to deserve our peace and quiet and postpone moments of rest until we finished our to do list. But you don’t have to have earned it to enjoy anything or take a little me-time. You can experience little moments of joy and quiet in between tasks, here and now.

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